“The episode stayed true to the musical it’s based on, it didn’t deviate from the mood of the show, and there are some TOP NOTCH character moments.”

“Hilarious, action-packed, and pulled on your heart strings a bit. It’s definitely one of their iconic episodes!”

“There are other episodes with songs in them, but somehow Rebecca Sugar managed to pull off an 11 minute musical. It’s delightful, and ‘It’s Over Isn’t It’ will never not be heartbreaking.”

“Anyone who grew up watching this show knows the words to ‘We Went to the Moon.'”

“It’s set in a cat and mouse chase between the police and the criminal. There’s humor, suspense, and the lyrics suit each character perfectly.”

“It’s not just a random musical episode thrown into the series. It was thought out and used as a major plot point in the season. The episode is also set in a fantasy land, so they were able to be super imaginative with the settings and characters.”

“Every time I hear ‘Space Cowboy,’ I can only think of Fez saying, ‘I WANT TO BE THE SPACE COWBOY.’”

“There are original songs and heartwarming moments, and they managed to have Daria sing without losing her monotonous voice. It’s a fun episode all around!”

“Sabrina is meeting her fiancé, Aaron’s, parents for the first time. They, along with her roommates and Harvey, all bicker with each other, so Sabrina makes appetizers and sprinkles them with harmony salt. This causes everyone to break out into song, and the songs they sing are just so catchy!”

“It was an ’80s themed musical episode and it captured Margo’s solo quest so well. Summer Bishil did such a great job and it was just an amazing episode.”

“This episode was so good because the cast’s singing is just PERFECTION. Plus, Liz Gillies is just phenomenal.”

“Does anyone else remember the musical opening where Peggy Carter, the future director of S.H.I.E.L.D., sang and danced? That was epic!”

“They spend the entire episode mocking Glee and it’s so funny. Plus, it’s a Christmas episode, which makes it even better.”

“Everyone was surprisingly good at singing, the songs were absolute BOPS, and they also poked a bit of fun at the classic Disney-characters-singing-all-the-time trope. So good!”

“It was a pivotal episode because they used the songs to show us how the characters were feeling both externally and internally. And, those feelings provided setups and payoffs for events that happened earlier and later in the season.”

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/kaylaharrington/tv-musical-episodes-you-need-to-watch

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