“She had just gotten her surgery and was out of the hospital, so I was not expecting it at all!”

“You thought everything was fine and then he got shot for no reason. It was even sadder to see how the characters dealt with his death, especially little Jamie. The cape scene makes me cry every time.”

“Since she was so smart and fair, I was sure she would survive at least through the first season, but I literally had to pause the show to process my emotions when she got shot.”

“The writers did a great job directing the viewer to believe Rudy would end up being the victim Rachel needed to set her soul free, since he was a fairly new character and the cause of all her self-hate. My jaw hit the floor when I realized it was Alisha’s throat that was cut.”

“Colin Hanks is a damn treasure and I loved that character. It seemingly came out of nowhere and it hit every character so hard. The scene at the end of that episode when Liz looks at photos of him and flashes back to some of their moments together is just devastating.”

“He was turning his life around and doing so well! The scene with him and Clay in the hospital literally had me in hysterics. Justin deserved better!!”

“Before the episode aired, we already knew that Daniel Sharman was leaving the show, so we were sure his character, Isaac, was going to be the one to die. I literally screamed when it turned out to be Allison instead. Total shocker!”

“It still frustrates that he was killed off because he was one of my favorite characters on the show. His death still devastates me to this day because I see the bright future he could’ve had with Liberty.”

“He had finally figured himself out and was about to make such a beautiful performance, but got hit by a car out of NOWHERE. The song he danced to, “Easy to Love” by The Jezebels, still hits so hard.”

“That was so unexpected, I thought the Weird Sisters would stay together forever, and she just…died.”

“I mean, I saw it coming because I watched the show after it aired, but it was still sudden and really fucked up.”

“There were many deaths in this series, but his was so unexpected. It happened not too long after Cam’s death so you didn’t expect them to have another beloved character die. It was a sad day for all fans.”

“Both of their deaths made me so sad and I didn’t expect them to die at all.”

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/kaylaharrington/shocking-deaths-from-teen-drama-shows

News – 18 Shocking Deaths From Teen Dramas That Still Make Me Cry To This Day