Great idea: If a kid can’t get into sports, let’s lure them in with a terrifying, costumed nightmare.

From the wide-open beak to the glistening whites of his eyes, Washington Nationals mascot Screech is a frightening design.

The Kansas City Royals decided that a lion with a crown was too predictable. What if it were molded into his face like a Guillermo del Toro character?

The Coyote, mascot of the San Antonio Spurs, looks like an old animatronic puppet from Chuck E. Cheese that they found and brought to life. If they added him as a character in the video game Five Nights at Freddy’s, no one would bat an eye.

Gee whiz, I wish I could unsee this guy. I think it’s the droopy nose of this Washington Wizards mascot, and whatever that hair is supposed to be around his eyes.

I wish I could say this was a GIF, but I am pretty sure it is the real Vancouver Canucks mascot trying to break through your screen to possess your soul.

The San Diego Padres thought an oversize friar screamed “kid-friendly.” Teams need to stop making human mascots.

I blame the big beak of the New Orleans Pelicans’ official bird because he is otherwise an okay mascot, but there is still something unsettling about him.

There is a lot of bias here because I hate moose. They’re big, dumb, and dangerous creatures. I don’t even want to be near a man dressed as a moose.

Double-P is one of the most popular mascots in sports. Fun? Maybe. Scary? A little. I still don’t know what he is supposed to be.

Stare into the black eyes of this creature. What scares me is, now that the Seattle Supersonics are a defunct organization, where the heck is this terrifying creature?

I know it hurts for fans, but Seattle probably deserved to lose their team because of this monstrosity.

The University of Texas at Dallas got original with the design, but the cheap-looking face and bizarre skin color were a choice.

Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me…I have no clue what Western Kentucky is going for here. They’re the Hilltoppers. If I ever see this thing on top of a hill, it’s gonna go for a little tumble off a cliff.

The darkened eyes, the wild hair, the menacing headband… Seriously, if his face weren’t so creepy, I’d probably love the design.

He lives up to his name. I give the Tampa Bay Buccaneers credit for making his as pirate-y as possible, but yikes.

Giving real hair to a mascot is never a good idea. This Wichita State University mascot looks as if he was drawn by a child and brought to life “DoodleBob” style.

It’s the beard connecting to the bottom lip for me. This Philadelphia Flyers mascot is a grade A creep. That being said, I refuse to make Gritty No. 1 because he tries too hard to be creepy.

The Stanford mascot takes home the gold and reminds me too much of a creepy Power Rangers monster.


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