“He played himself as this, like, elitist, weirdly bohemian version of himself and his scenes are probably my favourite in the movie.”

“The man is hilarious! He makes himself an egotistical caricature that you can’t stop laughing at.”

“He played a version of himself where he was trying to stave off (true) rumours that he was in love with a Japanese body pillow named Kimiko.”

“The whole episode was so funny already, but seeing Stormzy pop up was just really hilariously unexpected!”

“Honestly, the man is an excellent comedic actor and that show was cut short WAY too soon!”

“The fact that she kept a straight face playing opposite of Amy Poehler is pretty amazing.”

“It seemed almost improvised because the things he said on the show sound like something he would say in real life, LMAO.”

“Honestly, his scenes are the best in the movie. I would 100% watch a buddy flick movie between LeBron James and Dr. Aaron (Bill Hader). I have rewatched this movie a couple of times simply for the LeBron scenes.”

“I’m not even sure how to describe his presence. It’s just very ‘Bill Murray’ of him.”

“Absolutely epic. She hired male prostitutes for her and Abbi, throws a gift basket out a window, and drank moonshine. Epic.”

“She was so willing to do self-deprecating humour and use her name in a humorous way (‘un Jessica BIEL-evable’). It’s all the more funny considering she’s playing herself as the ex-wife of Mr. Peanutbutter.”

“He is hilarious playing a distorted version of himself and about 1/3 of the characters on that show would also fit this list. It is just so well done.”

“It was his feature debut and he killed it! Usually athletes that start acting have a rough start, but KG was a natural!!”

“I loved that cameo so much. The conversations he and Jess have are fantastic, and it was just a wonderful cameo and episode all around!”

“He was so hilarious, my sister and I were cracking up the whole time. I loved when he suggested that the song should be called ‘Hey Dude’ instead of ‘Hey Jude’.”

“Her cameo as a super obnoxious showbizzy version of herself was one of the best moments of the first season.”

“Ryan Reynolds playing a creepy version of himself and hitting on Peter was so out of the blue and also very funny!”

“Oh! She came up to Jack (who is obsessed with her) and he totally blew her off because he though she was a queen in drag!”

“Having him as the narrator seemed kind of random at first, but when you realise the reason why he’s narrating, it’s actually really touching. Then when he showed up in the last episode it was such a great unexpected surprise!”

“All the celebs are great. Daniel Radcliffe as his whiny teenage self trying to hit on older women, Orlando Bloom as himself getting rejected by Maggie, Kate Winslet trying to teach Maggie how to talk dirty, the list continues…”

“My faves have to be Kate Winslet and Sir Patrick Stewart. Ugh, I love that show so much!”

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/hanifahrahman/celebs-playing-themself-well

News – 28 Times Celebs Played Hilarious Versions Of Themselves In Movies And TV Shows