“They are so supportive of each other and it’s so endearing to see two people who are COMPLETE opposites have such a strong friendship.”

“They’re complete opposites, but they need each other. Sherlock gets John out of his comfort zone, and John helps Sherlock with EVERYTHING.”

“The fact that they were friends through med school and then beyond Sacred Heart warms my soul. The actors are also genuine friends in real life. Proper friendship goals.”

“Hands down. Final answer. I don’t even know what to say about it. It’s just perfect in a weird, heart warming way.”

“They were sarcastic to each other, they said some pretty outrageous things, could be mean, but they always had each other’s backs when it was needed.”

“These two were always friendship goals. They had their ups and downs and grew together as people. They were really like sisters! And Lilly was a real one for keeping one of the biggest secrets EVER for Miley!”

“I love how we got to see Blaine with someone other than Kurt and get to know more of his personal life. Seeing how they worked so well was super cute and was honestly one of the things that held the show together.”

“They’re so brutally honest with each other, always have the other’s back and actually give a shit about the other’s life. V and Kev were even ready to adopt the Gallaghers despite their carefree lives, just so they wouldn’t get sent into foster homes!”

“They’re absolutely my favourite. They’re just the perfect match for each other and are both equally hilarious. They’re BFF goals for me.”

“The Twisted Sisters! I love their slightly co-dependent relationship with their dark humour! Considering all the crap they’ve been through, you can’t really blame them for choosing each other above all else.”

“College roommates turned best friends through road trips and stupid adventures, that later move to the city together and remain close through adulthood? Love!”

“Their friendship is so beautiful and pure and showcases two equally powerful women who have each other’s backs. Generally shows tend to make these kinds of women foes, but not B99.”

“They have one of the best TV Friendships in history. Hands down, bar none. No matter the situation, or the other people in their lives, they are unabashedly each other’s soul mates.”

“I love watching them blossom from her adding him to ‘her list’ to her becoming pretty much the only person he really cares about. And their last scene together in season eight got me emotional. When she said “thank you” to him it almost made me cry.”

“They started out as enemies but ended up as really good friends who co-raised their son, continuously saved each other’s lives, and fought side by side to protect the ones they loved.”

“They started out as enemies but you could see their friendship progress as they had children and they grew up as a family. I just loved how their friendship blossomed.”

“A friendship beyond words. No matter how bad things got, Shaggy always had treats for his bestie, who in return always had his back. ❤️”

“Christina is so supportive, helps her confidence, and defends her from the people who work at Mode, and in return, Betty helps Christina with difficult points in her life!”

“They’re so cute with each other and have each other’s backs so much throughout the show.”

“They may also be mother and daughter but their friendship is so important. Their relationship with each other is something that you should envy because they’re so close!”

“I love how they are openly affectionate with each other – they hug and bump shoulders, talk about their feelings and are also so, so supportive of each other. There is a total lack of that toxic male bravado and stoic, unfeeling masculinity BS. I think we need to see more of this in media so that boys can grow up knowing that it’s okay to hug and ask for hugs and it’s okay to feel your emotions, talk about them and cry if you need to.”

“Jake and Charles are a good team, but these two take the cake for me. This is a friendship expanding over decades, they respect all the weirdness and are basically attached to each other 24/7, while still retaining their distinct personalities. Definitely #friendshipgoals.”

These two are ultimate goals even at the end when Nicky has to let her go because she knows it’s for the best.”

“Their friendship was so pure and they really cared for each other. They laughed together, cried together, and had each other’s backs until the end.”

“They’re completely different people but are always there for each other and bond over scary movies and Black Friday shopping. It proves you don’t have to be the exact same to be best friends.”

“They both made it clear they weren’t looking for love and there was no unique sexual tension between them. They were just mates who brought out the best in each other. When she lost her memory and had to return home the Doctor properly grieved for the Donna he’d been racketing around the universe with.”

“Their friendship was so pure and every time they hugged, I knew they were the ultimate definition of best friends! There’s nothing like a good bromance! #ChannoeyForever.”

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News – 29 TV Friendships That Were So Pure, They Were Total Goals