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Chris Sutton has praised Kieran Tierney and Bukayo Saka for “showing fight” as Arsenal lost 2-1 against Everton on Saturday.

Arsenal have suffered their worst start to a season since 1974 with just 14 points from as many games and they are seven points worse off than when they sacked Unai Emery last year.

They have scored just 12 league goals and that situation was not helped by the absence of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at Goodison Park.

And despite praising Tierney and Saka, Sutton has picked out Aubameyang and Arsenal team-mate Willian for criticism.

“Right now, they’re banking on three teams being worse than them. Mikel Arteta is very lucky the fans aren’t there because they’d be letting their feelings known.

“It started so well with that FA Cup victory. Now, Arsenal’s priority is staying in the Premier League rather than qualifying for Europe.

“To think how many moaners there were about Arsene Wenger perennially finishing inside the top four. Offer that now and they’d snap your hand off.

“Willian joined in the summer but may as well be playing in his slippers. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang decided to take a holiday after signing his bumper new deal.

“At least Kieran Tierney and Bukayo Saka are showing fight, but Arsenal are in trouble. They have too many talented players to drop to the Championship. The upcoming games against Brighton and West Bromwich could be six-pointers!”

Leeds showed why Newcastle fans want something more. Everton, Bukayo Saka and Brighton also get a mention.

Tierney insists Arsenal’s players are to blame. “We have got a great manager and we believe in him 100 per cent”.

Ian Wright admits he was “devastated” to see one player leave Arsenal in the summer.

The Gunners’ record £72million transfer has struggled to make an impression at Arsenal.

“You look at Tierney, it’s the attitude and the mentality that Arsenal need right now, not enough around him maybe, in his eyes, have got that.”

Some positive news for the Gunners in build up to key game.

Liverpool and Manchester United get all the praise while Arsenal get a complete shoeing.

The good news for Sam Allardyce is that not every team attacks with the Villa verve. Lord.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer brought his balloon and Leeds were absolutely not ready for it.

Serge Aurier lost his head while Leicester kept theirs throughout a very easy win over Tottenham.

Brighton were again pretty but incredibly wasteful. This was a relegation battle – the poor finishing is a telltale sign.

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News – Sutton hails two Arsenal men ‘showing fight’ and slams two in ‘slippers’