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Rosamund Pike was mysterious in “Gone Girl”, but she’s unmistakably in “I Care a Lot”. “Sporty designer suits and a bob that is cut so sharp you tremble in front of her stylist Pikes Marla Grayson is ruthlessly bossy from head to toe

The title of J Blakeson’s slender, eerie neo-noir is tongue and cheek Marla, a shark equal to Gordon Gekko or Jaws, doesn’t even care a bit about that, she’s a guardian for dozens of older people who care for her a wall of faces and names adorns her Boston office like a financier’s stock portfolios “Playing fair is a joke rich people invented to keep the rest of us poor,” she says in the opening voice of the film

With so much real terror haunting nursing homes, the timing of “I Care a Lot” (it will be released on Netflix on Friday) may not be ideal. Marla’s plan is particularly hideous, and the feeling of disgust only grows as the author does and director Blakeson, the British filmmaker of the kidnap thriller “The Disappearance of Alice Creed” depicts an interwoven system of abuse of the elderly with doctors and nursing home managers all cut one of them gives Marla a “cherry” in Jennifer (Dianne Wiest) – a particularly desirable new church because it is both rich and has no obvious living family to interfere A couple of fake medical records and a judge’s stamp later, Jennifer is abruptly taken to a facility where her phone is picked up and even forbidden to go outside Marla and her partner (Eiza González) quickly start auctioning their belongings >

At this point, “I Care a Lot” seems to be another nightmare of unlawful institutionalization – having locked Dianne Wiest in a “shock corridor” for rest homes is no less annoying than Jack Nicholson, who is strapped into a mental hospital. But the twists and phrases from “I Care a Lot” lead elsewhere – in funnier, more unbalanced, but generally devious directions

Jennifer is not only a meek old woman who lives alone, but also the mother of a powerful and well-funded underworld figure with ties to the Russian mafia, Roman Lunyov (Peter Dinklage) As is so often the case, Dinklage immediately recalibrates the film while Roman calls on his armed forces – henchmen huddled in front of him while he sips an eclair or a smoothie – to free his mother

It also makes up for our loyalty. In some ways, there isn’t anyone interested in “I Care a Lot,” a movie where the most personable character drugged their imprisoned wards to keep them calm instead is Blakesons Film cheerfully amoral and is less concerned with judging its obviously hideous characters than with making a satire of American capitalism as a system in which human trafficking is a way of doing business

It also positions Marla as something more than a greedy vulture.Her resistance to the various requests from Roman’s team – especially a very good Chris Messina as a knowing lawyer who nonetheless cannot bring Marla to justice – initially seems inconsiderate and stupid who would dare to reject a fearsome, well-armed international mafioso who is also right in this case? But Marla’s resistance as a woman who does not allow herself to be deterred by male intimidation gathers in courage “Do you know how often I have been threatened by a man?” she says, completely unimpressed

Is that a lot for a film about a corrupt court-appointed guardian? Yeah, it doesn’t all fit together, and “I Care a Lot” ultimately has no way of unraveling its rather ridiculous conspiracy, but it’s strong, gripping, unpredictable pulp, and Pike pulls out something that few as a protagonist could be quite despicable and absolutely convincing

“I Care a Lot,” a Netflix publication, is rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America for language and some violence. Running time: 118 minutes Three stars out of four

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