Posted: 05:40 GMT, Dec. December 2020 | Updated: 08:04 GMT, Jan. December 2020

Two of Australia’s best-known actors have fallen victim to false viral rumors falsely claiming they are the “super spreaders” of the northern beaches

Avalon star spotters spotted screen legends Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward last week in the small, now Covid-riddled village on the northern beaches

And since then, the locals have told a number of over-excited stories about the actors – all rubbish

Several Twitter users falsely claimed that Brown and Ward were the nameless couple between the ages of 60 and 70 who broke the rules of self-isolation

Australian film kings Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward fell victim to a bizarre and untrue rumor that they were the Covid super-spreaders of the Avalon cluster

A user was implicated in the false viral rumor about selling Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward to Northern Beaches Buy, Sell, Swap after making false claims that they were “patient zero”

Other versions of the flimsy story claimed the star couple had been home in quarantine and given Covid to their personal trainer

For the record, none of this is true. Your businesswoman daughter Rosie brought the bizarre gossip to bed

“My sister lives on Whale Beach,” she told Daily Mail Australia Monday afternoon, ‘They were there to see her’

‘I think they were down there on Wednesday, or something like last week before it all came out on the northern beaches

‘And when they heard it, they all went and got tested to make sure they were all safe

‘They were both tested because they were in Avalon to see my sister and they are negative’

The gym wrote of the false story claims involving a trainer, “THIS IS IN NO WAY TRUE”

Whenever Fitness Avalon was forced to send a desperate message telling followers that the false rumor was “in no way correct”

Bryan Brown (second from left) starred in an Australian comedy film, Palm Beach, which was directed by his wife, but the family does not live on the northern beaches

The star couple were tested after visiting Avalon last week – and became the subject of a Chinese whisper campaign (queues at a test facility above)

The bizarre story can be put to rest after Kerry Chant, NSW’s chief health officer, said Monday it was “really critical” for people not to criticize virus patients

‘It’s really important that we don’t call people or send myths about who spread it to whom and who contributed to it and who sowed it when we have this outbreak

Dr Chant said residents of the state should thank each and every person who gets tested – just like Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward did last week

On Sunday there was a record of 38 in the 24 hours until 8 p.m.000 Covid tests The total number of cases in the cluster was 83, an increase of 15 over the reporting period

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