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The Australian Open Men’s Final began with what some critics have dubbed “the worst national anthem of all time”

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Gordi visited Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne Park to play the Advance Australia Fair ahead of the blockbuster clash on Sunday night

Novak Djokovic secured a ninth win at the Australian Open and an 18 Slam when he played Daniil Medvedev in straight sentences before 7Left 500 spectators behind

But the backlash to Gordi’s performance quickly followed on Twitter, which included her accidentally singing the outdated lyrics of “Young and Free”

Singer Gordi played the national anthem before the men’s Australian Open final between Novak Djokovic from Serbia and Daniil Medvedev from Russia

The performance was ridiculed on social media One called it “disappointing” and another called it “the worst Australian anthem ever”

Are there no singers in Australia? Why such a ridiculous and disappointing delivery of the Australian anthem at a major event? “Joked another

Gordi, whose name is Sophie Payten, recently took a break from her musical career to work in Australia as a doctor on the front lines of Covid-19

Before her controversial performance, she announced that it was the first time she had sung the national anthem at a major event

“The last time I sang the national anthem in front of a crowd, there were maybe 30 people in Canowindra’s Morris Park when I was eleven,” she wrote online

In one small step, I’ll be performing the anthem at this weekend’s final of the Australian Open for men and women Hazaar ‘

The text of the Advance Australia Fair was recently changed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison to change from “because we are young and free” to “because we are one and free”

The pre-game entertainment at the Australian Open Men’s Final on Sunday evening included a performance by the cast of the musical Come From Away (picture)

Twitter users responded to the entertainment at the Australian Open Some said it was “the weirdest graduation ceremony / show ever”

Before the Australian Open, Gordi (pictured) used social media to reveal, “The last time I sang the national anthem in front of a crowd, there were maybe 30 people in Canowindra’s Morris Park when I was 11 was

The national anthem was based on a performance of ‘Welcome to the Rock’ from the cast of the musical Come From Away

The musical tells the true story of thousands of stranded passengers greeted in a small town in Canada, but viewers were stunned by the strange array of musical performances before a tennis game

Another said, “I’m all for supporting the arts, but the Come From Away performance was bloody before the Australian Open”

Sunday’s showdown in the finals was also affected by the fact that two women were kicked out of the venue by security after a game interruption

One of the women wore a t-shirt that read “Free Them All” on the front and “End Systemic Racism” on the back

The controversy continued during the trophy handover and the local crowd opted to fuck the entire speech by Jayne Hrdlicka, the chairman of Tennis Australia

‘You are a very empathetic group of people, but whether you are home or here tonight we are really grateful that you are here and we look forward to seeing you again next year “Ms. Hrdlicka finished her speech

The cast of Come From Away perform before the Australian Open final on Sunday

The 33-year-old Serb scored a goal within two Grand Slam triumphs of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer that he simply cannot lose

This time around, he took off the potentially dangerous challenge from Daniil Medvedev with a laser-focused performance that resulted in a 7-5 6-2 6-2 that lasted only an hour and 53 minutes

A beaming Novak Djokovic wins the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup after his ninth triumph at the Australian Open

Medvedev smiles as Djokovic pays tribute to his efforts after Sunday’s final – the couple first met when the Russian ranked 500th in the world

The winning moment for Djokovic, when he took a dominant victory over Medvedev in just one hour and 53 minutes

The Serb celebrates with a couple of fist pumps and then fell into the square when he turned 18 Slam success celebrated

Medvedev’s bat bit the dust late in the second set as he tossed him to the ground in frustration after losing another point

The Russian world No. 4 really had no solution to combat the quality and intensity of Djokovic’s play during a one-sided final

It saw him snap the 6’6 ‘Russian’s 20-match winning streak to win a ninth title 13 years after winning his first

As the great champions advance deeper into their thirties, the younger generation is still fighting for a breakthrough Medvedev was contested and deliberate, his fate finally sealed by an athletic overhead streak from the Serb

Djokovic had a dominant start in a first set that ran surprisingly quickly and raced to 3-0 with an aggressive strategy He seemed determined not to be drawn into long rallies

Medvedev, thinking on his feet, adjusted to the tactic of firing back quickly, but there was always evidence that the champion’s greater experience under pressure would show it

In a series of rapid-fire games, Medvedev was broken 5-6 when he threw a forehand into the net after saving two set points

Djokovic fans in the crowd celebrate that he won the first set 7-5, which was the ideal start for his last big final

Medvedev stretches to return in the second set when Djokovic gave him a rigorous examination of his play

Djokovic stretches to play a graceful backhand during the opening movement in the familiar surroundings of the Rod Laver Arena

The Russian’s basic strokes aren’t that good in terms of aesthetics, but they’re usually very effective, and he raised hopes for a recovery when he broke at the start of the second

Still, we should remember what still separates Djokovic from the chase, Medvedev was instantly broken back while the Serb voted out of serve and looked absolutely solid given the uneven quality of his opponent’s return

That infected the rest of the Russian game, and before you knew it, the champion was 5-2 when Medvedev broke his racket in frustration

The Russian can have a volcanic temper and soon he was constantly looking and gesturing at his box – a warming sight from the other end of the courtyard

Covid-19 restrictions limited the amount to around 50 percent of usual capacity – at around 7500 inside

Djokovic received the support of a vocal Serbian support when he fought for his latest Grand Slam success in the final

Protesters stopped the game in the second set and had to be led out of the arena by security personnel

Djokovic’s return, the best the sport has ever seen, sealed the second set and Medvedev puzzled himself His most recent victory at the ATP finals in London counted for nothing

When stifled by the relentless accuracy, the size of the occasion seemed to prevent the world number four from attempting anything else he has been known to return to serve and play, but little evidence of it

A long, well-worn chess game had been promised, but Medvedev wasn’t solid enough that day. Since Djokovic’s stomach muscle problems of the past fortnight were seemingly a distant memory, it was he who innovated as he neared the finish line

The younger player briefly shot to 2-4 in the third game, but when he tried to get the crowd going, Djokovic responded with three straight points to eliminate any chance of a revival

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