“My heart is broken,” tweeted the singer after the attacks in the Capitol

Demi Lovato wasn’t thinking about her future album when chaos broke out in the Capitol building on Wednesday

After the attacks by supporters of President Donald Trump in Washington D.C. Yesterday, 28-year-old Lovato expressed anger and embarrassment to both the rioters and the police’s reaction to what some political leaders referred to as a “coup attempt” “

“My heart is broken makes me too sad to believe how naive I was to believe this couldn’t possibly happen and yet it did,” she tweeted along with a screenshot from Black Live’s Matter’s Twitter and expressed it How protesters like “Here we are” after the police killing of George Floyd

“For everyone in my comments who say ‘where is d7’ or want me to sing instead of talking about what needs to change in this country “she finished before adding a second tweet LIKE ME That’s why I worry THIS CANNOT HAPPEN I am angry, embarrassed and ashamed”

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Some users backed the singer’s answer with a writing: “You are absolutely right to use your voice Keep up the good work, it’s more important than ever” on Instagram

“Girl, this ain’t Camp Rock you won’t save the day with a song,” tweeted one user, referring to Lovato’s 2008 Disney movie

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“Demi please no This is not the way to raise awareness,” added another, “Creating another song won’t help. You can create awareness, but don’t use this as an opportunity to encourage your own music Donate Raising Awareness There are other ways you can help “

Throughout the day on Wednesday, the singer posted pictures of other artists talking about the violence. “Terrible day for our country I have no words right now while I watch the news,” she wrote on Instagram as everything was going played

Lovato was openly against the Trump administration and even released the title “Commander in Chief” in October. She also played the track at the Billboard Music Awards. The singer also used her social media to promote the Georgia runoff election for U. to draw attention to S. Senate

Demi Lovato

World news – AU – Demi Lovato ‘Angry’ and ‘Ashamed’ at DC. Troubles when she explains why she hasn’t released a new album

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