“I’m gender specific,” said the actor and comedian on a UK Reality show “From now on I only want to work in girl mode”

British comedian and actor Eddie Izzard, who came out transgender in 2017 and spoke of having both a ‘boy and girl mode’, is now sticking to the latter and using her pronouns

Izzard announced the UK season finale TV program Portrait Artist of the Year, in which candidates fight for the title by drawing and painting famous personalities, Comedycouk reports Izzard was one of the topics

“This is the first program I’ve asked if I can be ‘them’ and ‘they’ – this is a small transition period,” said Izzard on program host Stephen Mangan, candidates and judges consistently respected their pronouns / p>

“I’m gender specific,” added Izzard, “I only want to work in girl mode from now on”

In July, Izzard asked to be referred to as she / he when she received an honorary degree from Swansea University, reports the Daily Mail, but the Portrait Artist of the Year appearance is much better known (see episode below)

Izzard is known for stand-up comedy and for acting appearances in film and television.Sheir films include Velvet Goldmine, The Cat’s Meow and Ocean’s Thirteen She has made guest appearances on numerous television shows as well as other roles in Hannibal, the United States of Tara and others. She won Primetime Emmys as a performer and writer of the comedy special Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill from 1999

Izzard found a lot of love on social media after the program aired. There were also some negative, trans-negative reactions, but many fans came to Izzard’s defense in response to those comments

Eddie Izzard

World news – AU – Eddie Izzard in ‘Girl Mode’, says pronouns Are She / Hers

Source: https://www.advocate.com/transgender/2020/12/21/eddie-izzard-girl-mode-says-pronouns-are-shehers