Australian swimmer Emily Seebohm and popular radio host David “Luttsy” Lutteral reportedly broke up after a year-long relationship

According to Courier Mail, Seebohm, 28, and Lutteral, 44, went their separate ways “after their different lifestyles reportedly put their relationship under pressure”

Seebohm and Lutteral were well known in the Brisbane social scene and attended a Brisbane Racing Club event at Eagle Farm together in December

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It’s the second high-profile breakup for Seebohm, who has been with Lutteral since 2019 after breaking up with fellow swimmer Mitch Larkin

Seebohm recently joked in a cheeky social media post about marrying Lutteral, who works for Nova FM in Brisbane

“She suggests it is my step, my step would be obvious to suggest,” Lutteral said while on the air

Seebohm spent two months in Budapest last year for the International Swimming League The split reportedly came about when she returned to Australia

The 28-year-old Seebohm, who represented Australia at the Olympic Games in 2008, 2012 and 2016, separated from his swimmer colleague Larkin in 2018

“You made it harder than it had to be, but you made me stronger than I will ever be!” She posted on Instagram back then

The world champion’s backstroker recently opened a two-year battle with an eating disorder

Seebohm described how he went through a cycle of binge eating and cleansing before he vowed to “give my body the love it deserves” from 2021

“I’ve been dealing with an eating disorder for over 2 years,” wrote Seebohm in January on social media

“I’ve bitten, cleaned, and taken laxatives. I’ve counted calories, skipped meals, and kept weighting myself. I was embarrassed to be in my belongings

“I was told that the only way to swim faster would be to lose weight, and I believed it

“This year I’ll be bolder for myself to give my body the love it deserves, and to start I had to be honest with everyone, including myself

“I’m just asking for something, I hope I can help someone who feels the same”

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