Frenchman Benoit Paire unleashed a devastating attack on the organizers of the Australian Open, calling the event “s ** t” and branding Tennis Australia’s handling of coronavirus-affected flights “shameful”

The comments were made after Paire was eliminated from the first round of the Australian Open, in which the 29th Rank fell to the Belarusian Egor Gerasimov with 2-6, 6-2, 6-7, 5-7

Paire was among the 72 players forced to undergo a two-week hotel quarantine in Melbourne after it was discovered that three charter flights were infected with COVID-19.But on the contrary, world No. 1 Novak Djokovic and a number of other players had in Adelaide had a much more pleasant and normal prep for the Australian Open, which sparked claims of preferential treatment

Paire was one of many Australian Open contestants to whip the hotel food – and he was even angrier about the quarantine conditions in today’s post-game comments

“My level of play was good, I think my attitude was good. I hope I didn’t hurt my elbow too badly. But other than that I am very disappointed with this tournament overall”

“There was also a positive case on the flight to Adelaide, but there we had time to do blood tests and so on to be found

“We have been quarantined! Either we do the same things and the same rules for everyone I don’t understand why it’s not” fair “for everyone A cut off preparation, cut off matches To me, this is scandalous

“After that I am very happy with my level, with what I was able to produce today. But this tournament, to be honest – I think it’s really crap”

Paire even claimed he could have won his fight in the first round if his preparation hadn’t been so strenuous

“This match – I could have won it if I’d had another training session or two, normal prep,” said Paire

“I’m going back and finally enjoying the one thing that is right here, going out, having a drink, being outside

“It’s all about the money That’s about it There is a big loss if they fail the tournament. No matter what, there has to be a tournament. After that, most players think there is some money to be made and come for it

“Me first, I also play for money. But when you have to make so many sacrifices and things are going so badly, make it so tedious, at some point all you have to do is say” stop “

“I don’t quite understand where we are going, I don’t quite understand what ATP is doing. It gets borderline grotesque Tennis isn’t that for me. To be honest, I don’t enjoy it”

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