The great rugby player Paul Gallen has his word war with Lucas Browne before the boxing showdown on Jan. April escalated, with the couple locking their horns at a media conference today

Gallen shot the ex-WBA champion in a row, describing Browne’s greatest achievement as a “Reserve Grade” title before aiming at his body

Gallen, 39, (10-0-1) will face Browne, 41, (29-2-0) in a heavyweight match in Wollongong next month

Your first big press conference went to Gallen, who used every opportunity to give the former boxing champion a few kicks

Browne became Australia’s first and only heavyweight world champion in 2016 when he won the WBA title after defeating Uslanistan’s Ruslan Chagaev

But Gallen’s first shot at the heavyweight fighter was a farewell to Browne’s title performance that turned the footballer into a boxer dubbed a “reserve belt”

“I would compare it to a reserve competition in rugby league. If you win a reserve competition, you don’t tell everyone you won the NRL Premiership, which they do”

Browne’s rise to the top of the heavyweight division was short-lived.His WBA belt was later ripped off after testing positive for the banned substance clenbuterol at the time, he was also suspended from the WBA

Gallen then took the opportunity to examine Browne’s physique, which he believed resembled someone in need of testing for performance-enhancing drugs

“I saw him yesterday I didn’t know whether to give him a bra or not – he’s developing a bit of b – ch tits,” he said

“Perhaps some of the supplements will start to work over the years. My wife actually saw it and said, ‘Give him a bra’

“I said, ‘Darling, he’s probably too big for you, those damn tits” So I’m a little worried about that. We talked about testing “

Despite Gallen’s repeated jibe, Browne didn’t want any of this and decided to take the highway

“I don’t really like what he says about me most of the time,” said Browne

“I call myself a bum and I say he has better things to do at the end of the year That kind of rubs me wrong considering I’m the best heavyweight we’ve had in Australia “

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