In the jam-packed Unified Communications and Collaboration market, Google is trying to hold its own and compete better with its rivals Zoom and Microsoft Teams New features are being added that improve the conferencing capabilities of the Google Meet service G

Now the company is adding a new “green room” feature that allows users to preview their audio and video feeds and confirm that all peripherals are configured, connected, and functional. Users can also check and verify network connectivity understand the effects of noise cancellation

According to a Google Workspace update blog, users will be warned when a problem is detected and given tips on how to troubleshoot common problems, such as: B. to grant authorization to use the microphone or camera

As Google Meet becomes more widespread, especially in the education sector, features like this are helping position Google Meet as a viable alternative to video conferencing competitors and providing end users with yet another option for video conferencing

But the feature goes a step further and allows users to record a short 6-second video and audio sample that shows the user how they look and sound to other meeting attendees

To use the feature, end users must click the “Review Audio and Video” button before they can join a meeting. This will open the “green room” where audio and video previews can be viewed. p>

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Google Meet

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