Melbourne Mayor Sally Capp said reduced numbers of people due to COVID-19 restrictions led her to make the “incredibly difficult” decision ???? to cancel the festival

Cr Capp said attendance should have been reduced significantly and with key events like the Moomba Parade and Birdman Rally canceled, the Moomba we know and love can’t go on

On Thursday, the organizers of the Moomba Masters Waterskiing canceled their event, which Cr Capp described as “another key element of Moomba”

Cr Capp said about 1 usually come every Labor Day weekend this year from Nov. till 8 March takes place, 3 million people to Moomba Due to the security requirements for COVID-19, however, we could only be around 14000 participants per day in Moomba have

She said Melbourne’s five-day lockdown came at a critical time for planning, and some suppliers, especially from the interstate, were unable to engage in the event

Last year Moomba monarchs Julia Morris and Nazeem Hussain with Lord Mayor Sally Capp, just over a month before Melbourne was first bannedCredit: Eddie Jim

Last week, Cr Capp announced the cancellation of the Moomba Parade and Birdman Rally, but at the time she stated that the festival would be held on a smaller scale

Cr Capp said “a number of local activations” will go on to encourage people into town on the long March weekend

Events include performances by Spiderbait, Jebediah, and Bodyjar on Nov. March at the Myer Music Bowl Kids at the Bowl with Justine Clarke, Jimmy Giggle and Dan Sultan in four concerts on June 6th and 7 March; and the cat kingdom on 6 March

There will also be street musicians and street theater performers across town, and skateboarders will perform at the Riverslide Skate Park in Alexandra Gardens

The Moomba Masters waterski tournament was only canceled for the second time in its 61-year history. The first time was for the 2006 Commonwealth Games

“It’s a tradition that Melbourne audiences loved, and the Yarra River is the largest amphitheater for sports in existence”

In a normal year, participants from Canada, Sweden and Peru travel to take part in what Ms. Hynes says is one of the best waterskiing competitions in the world

Ms. Hynes, an organizer since 1972 who recently received an Order from Australia for her participation in the event, says the organization will last for 12 months

This year, some contestants were ready to fly to Australia to compete even though they would need to be quarantined

Moomba started last year and was one of the last major events in Melbourne before the COVID-19 pandemic set in

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