The Muppets are experiencing another cultural moment thanks to all five seasons of the Muppet Show that were recently available from Disney.But if after all 120 episodes of classic Jim Henson goodness you’re craving more, then we have maybe just right for you About Geeks are Sexy, we came across perhaps the weirdest muppet mashup videos ever

YouTube channel Pixel Riot has envisioned a version of the science fiction action classic Predator, in which the eponymous green Meanie was replaced by none other than Kermit the Frog Poor Carl Weathers doesn’t even know what he’s doing here Alien Hunters Are One Thing But he has no power over the rainbow connection in Jim Henson’s Predator. You can see this wonderful piece of Muppety craze here:

But that’s not the only science fiction classic that Kermit appears in. Pixel Riot also put Muppet numero uno in a scene from James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which was a really exciting scene in the original version since the T-800 exposes his cyborg arm.But we think Elmo’s surprise appearance on The Kerminator is somehow getting more and more unsettling.We aren’t exactly sure what to make of these videos, but they definitely made us laugh

As stupid as these videos are, they could happen one day. These mashups can actually happen in reality now. After all, Disney owns the Muppets, and Disney now owns the former Twentieth Century Fox, too Predator and T2 were originally Fox releases too, so we think Arnold Schwarzenegger, who shares the big screen with Miss Piggy, is long overdue and Pixel Riot are the same people who recently introduced us to the amazing Pee-Wee Herman / Jurassic Park mash-up If you want to see more of their fantastic mashups be sure to check out their YouTube channel


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