Claremont’s killer Bradley Edwards has been sentenced to life imprisonment of at least 40 years without parole for the murder of two women

Hundreds of mourners gathered at the funeral of former rebel president Nick Martin, who was shot dead in front of spectators at the Perth Motorplex earlier this month

The deafening sound of motorbikes spinning filled the air outside a funeral home in North Perth as the bikes hit the streets to say goodbye to Martin

Police had warned the public to stay out of the area as traffic disruptions were expected from the motorcade on Scarborough Beach Road, where the funeral was taking place, and the West Coast Highway

Martin’s coffin, adorned with pictures of $ 100 bills and placed on a custom-made motorcycle sidecar, led the procession from the funeral home

Several black hearses followed, some carrying Martin’s family, and then a long stream of bikers who formed an honor guard

The police on motorcycles escorted them from the front and back while the police helicopter flew over them

The procession arrived at the Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park, where more people gathered for worship

Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower was playing when Martin’s coffin was brought under a marquee for the service The bikers took turns to touch him

MC on the occasion, Verity James, told the crowd that Martin’s life was “brutally stolen” from him in a “sneaky and cowardly” attack

Martin’s murder, possibly committed by someone carrying a long-range gun and shooting into the crowd on the racetrack, sparked fears of an all-out war between rival, banned motorcycle gangs in Perth

The police set up “Taskforce Ravello” to find Martin’s murderer In the past week and a half, Perth has had a series of robberies and searches of property attached to bikes

Another man, Ricky Chapman, was also injured in the gunfire at Kwinana circuit south of Perth, while a five-year-old child was slightly injured

A fragment of a missile is believed to have been recovered from the arm of Chapman, who was arrested for drug trafficking in 2016

Police said it was a single bullet that killed Martin and wounded Chapman, who was subsequently arrested when the Justice Department returned to warrant

The Washington government later announced a $ 1 million reward for information leading to the conviction of the person responsible for his murder

Police Secretary Michelle Roberts called the reward “unprecedented for a crime of its kind” and said there could be a prospect of immunity from prosecution as long as the informant is not the main culprit

Martin was shot dead with Hell’s Angel-Bikie Dayne Brajkovich at a beach bar in Scarborough two weeks after a violent public fight

The fight was recorded on CCTV with Brajkovich hitting Martin repeatedly when he crashed into tables

There was a heavy police presence in Perth Magistrates Court last week when Brajkovich was fined $ 800 for “fighting publicly in circumstances that could cause fear”

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A court visit by Martin’s partner Amanda Martin was originally scheduled for the same day but has been postponed to another date

But WA Attorney General John Quigley turned down the request, saying, “Hell will freeze over before we pay for a bikie’s funeral”

Brad Royce, assistant superintendent of the WA Police Department, said last week there had been a “fantastic response” to a call by Crime Stoppers for information about the murder, both from the community “and likely from those who who are closer to some of the people involved “

Deputy Inspector Royce promised the police not to give up the search for Martin’s killer and warned them that they would be caught

“While at this point you might think you are clear about it, there are plenty of people who know what you did,” he said

“They will be around you, they will look at the reward, they will look at the pressures on their lives, they will look at the threats to their families and what can happen, and it is very likely that they will will talk “

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Funeral of Nick Martin

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