The body of missing woman Melissa Caddick was found more than three months after she disappeared from her home in Sydney on the south coast of New South Wales, Eastern Suburbs

There have now been more than 2, according to Johns Hopkins University, there have been 5 million deaths related to the COVID-19 pandemic

Global deaths have decreased since late January Many countries are still strictly closed and vaccines are being introduced

To date, more than 130 million people worldwide have received at least one dose of vaccine

Hey Sammy! Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian announced the easing of some restrictions yesterday morning at 12:01 p.m. Now in NSW

Singing by parishioners allowed at places of worship when masks are worn and subject to one person per 4 m²

Regarding what happened on Jan. March will wear off is the only indication we have that standing drinking indoors might be allowed if current trends continue.We don’t know what else is going to change, although the above can be assumed Numbers mentioned will be further relaxed

The two new locally acquired cases are primary close ties to pre-existing cases and were quarantined during their infection period, according to the Victoria Health Department

The NT, together with other states, has declared the New Zealand city of Auckland a COVID hotspot

A recent cluster in Auckland resulted in 11 cases of community transmission – although there have been no new cases in the cluster in the past two days

The hotspot means that people who have been in Auckland in the past 14 days are not allowed to board a flight to the green zone to Australia

NT’s Chief Health Officer has also ordered that newcomers to the Territory who were born between Jan. and 25 Were at six selected hotspots in Auckland on February 28th, quarantine themselves until they return a negative COVID test result

Dance floors are open in pubs and bars for a maximum of 50 people or according to the four-square-meter rule

Depending on how many other people there are on the floor (and the size of the venue), you might want to play boogie

United States President Joe Biden Celebrated 50 Millionth Dose of a COVID-19 Vaccine Since Taking Office One of Mr Biden’s key campaign promises was to fire 100 million shots in his first 100 days in office, and he said the country Made it halfway there in 37 days

“At first, critics said the goal was too ambitious, no one could. Then they said it was too small, but the bottom line is that America will be the first country that may be the only one that can do it here to report that we are halfway through fifty million shots in just thirty-seven days since I became president “

In other vaccination news from overseas, Chancellor Angela Merkel said the EU must prepare to vaccinate against new COVID-19 variants in the coming years after EU leaders discussed ways to boost vaccinations

The 27 heads of state and government of the EU have agreed to strictly restrict public life and freedom of movement, as the bloc is fighting against the emergence of new burdens

Here’s a line that I never thought I’d write in the end – dancing has returned to South Australia

Starting this morning at 12:01 p.m., dancing is again permitted in small venues The dance floors are limited to 50 people at venues with a capacity of more than 200 people

The owner of Adelaide’s Woolshed nightclub, John Meek, said he was looking forward to tonight but hoped the restrictions would be eased further

“It’s a good step forward because we love to dance. It would be nice if the restrictions were lifted a bit more, but we’ll take what we can get in this business”

A little closer to home now, and the Victorians are excited to see what restrictions will ease today

Yesterday, Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said there would be meetings early this morning between the Chief Health Officer, his officials and government ministers to make the decision on whether or not it is safe to lift the remaining restrictions

He seemed optimistic that there would be an announcement before noon today (no, we don’t know when he will speak yet)

Why are the restrictions loosening now? Because it’s been two weeks since the most recent case of coronavirus linked to the Holiday Inn cluster became contagious, so new cases are unlikely to emerge now

Before we get knee-deep into press conferences, let’s take a quick look at the state of affairs around the world We have hit dismal milestone of over 2, Johns Hopkins University has 5 million deaths related to COVID-19 – and around a fifth of them in the US

The Portuguese parliament has approved a motion by the country’s president to extend the state of emergency for another two weeks.The recent pandemic in Portugal, which has made it the most populous country in the world, has been since the lockdown was launched on Sept. Authorities are concerned about ending restrictions too soon and are holding lockdown until Jan. According to the European Center for Disease Control, the 14-day case rate in Portugal is per 100000 inhabitants at 287, making it 13th Place in the 30 countries monitored by the EU agency

Sierra Leone and Mozambique are the latest African countries to receive Sinopharm vaccines from China, a shipment of 200000 doses of the vaccine arrived on a charter flight in Sierra Leone Thursday after China donated the shipment of cans to the West African country in southern Africa, Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi announced in a post on Facebook that a shipment of vaccines from China was on Wednesday The 200000 doses of Sinopharm are the first to arrive in Mozambique, a country with a population of 31 million

Bosnia says it will sue the World Health Organization’s COVAX program if it fails to deliver coronavirus vaccines as planned Milorad Dodik, a member of Bosnia’s multi-ethnic presidency, says the Balkan nation has made all preparations for the arrival of the 1.2 Millions of shots via COVAX and awaiting delivery However, officials from COVAX, the program for poorer countries, said the promised batch of vaccines had not been shipped because Bosnian authorities failed to meet Pfizer’s refrigeration requirements
Health officials in the UK say the country’s COVID-19 alert level should drop from the highest level as hospital admissions have fallen, the UK chief medical officer say, while the health sector remains under significant pressure, the national alert level may rise to five rise to four as the number of patients in hospital “steadily declines” Coronavirus alert was raised to its highest level in early January when a third national lockdown was announced, marked by skyrocketing cases and hospital admissions, but the spread of the infection has since then slowed down, in part due to the UK vaccination program

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