Week two of the NBC Sports Power leaderboard and with so few games – but lots of blowouts, eight 30-point games so far – there is a lot of movement up and down the top feels like it could, however it stay that way for a while

1 Lakers (6-2 last week # 3) LeBron James’ minutes have run out (but still enough for him to have his first triple-double of the season against the Spurs), coach Frank Vogel is experimenting with different lineups (conclusion a game with Montrezl Harrell during a loss to Portland) and all The New Lakers’ faces are still getting used to each other No matter Los Angeles has had a top 5 offense and defense so far this season The Lakers have exploited a soft part of their schedule The toughest games are next week in Houston

2 76s (6-1 LW 5) Joel Embiid looks like an early MVP candidate – 232 points and 123 rebounds per game while the best defense in the league is anchored Philly is the only team this young season So far, less than one point per possession has allowed (99) 8 defensive rating, above basketball reference), and this defense has carried it because the offensive still has problems (15 in the league) Philly got off to a quick start against a soft schedule that changes from Thursday in Brooklyn, followed by Denver, Atlanta and two against Miami

$ 3 (4-3, LW 6) It says everything you need to know about how good Giannis Antetokounmpo is, that he averages 26, 3 points, 113 rebounds and 56 supports a game so far this season and it seems like he hasn’t found his form yet or hasn’t really taken a step forward. Milwaukee has finally crawled up the 500 but with the best offensive in the league right now (second best if you remove the garbage time, like B. Cleaning the Glass), it suggests that this team should get another win or two

4 Suns (5-2 EV 8) On the way to a bubble-like quick start, Phoenix has it all: an elite backcourt in Chris Paul and Devin Booker, and a big rim that finds its trail in Deandre Ayton Perhaps the biggest surprise however, the Suns’ hot start is their defense – the fifth best in the NBA this young season and better than teams like Clippers and Heat The Suns are stopped and it helps defensive specialist Mikal Bridges score 141 points per game and other RPG players like Cameron Johnson , Jae Crowder and Cameron Payne are also playing very well, all good signs for the suns

5 Pacemakers (5-2, LW 11) You’re going to miss missing TJ Warren and his 155 points per game (excluding foot surgery), Aaron Holiday doesn’t offer the same Pop Warren thrived in transition – 174% of Pacers- Possessions start in transition, the fourth highest in the league (stats on Cleaning the Glass) – but the Pacers haven’t turned those opportunities particularly efficiently, and the loss of Warren hurts more at that end, thanks to Victor Oladipo and Indiana got on Monday night in New Orleans Myles Turner earned a victory

6 hair clippers (5-3, LW 2) Los Angeles is a jump shot team – only 187% of their shot attempts were in the restricted area, the third lowest in the NBA.However, this works when a team Paul George (who featured against Memphis on Tuesday a sprained ankle) and Kawhi Leonard (cold with a mask but usually a reliable shooter) as well as the starters Patrick Beverley, Serge Ibaka and a has rejuvenated Nicolas Batum all shooting better than 40% of three so far this season It will be interesting to see how the Clippers deal with Stephen Curry

7 Falcons (4-3 LW 4) Trae Young looked like an elite this season, leading the pick-and-roll race with John Collins or Clint Capela, pulling more fouls (even if Steve doesn’t like Nash how) and teams of three injured if they gave him space. Nevertheless, the league is putting together a book about the Hawks in a new look who have lost 3 of 4 and have some health problems: Rajon Rondo and Danilo Gallinari only have two each Games played (Gallinari will drop a pair after weeks with a sprained ankle, Rondo’s recovery will cost him at least three more games Plus, Kris Dunn hasn’t even touched the square

8 Celtics (5-3, LW 10) While Jayson Tatum was getting “going All-NBA” love all preseason, Jaylen Brown was in the gym and taking his game to the next level Brown was the best Celtic in this one Season and averaged a team high of 269 points per game, shooting 42, 9% of three has a 654 true shooting rate, hitting key shots late and is Boston’s second best full-back (behind Marcus Smart) this season there could be a few All-NBA Celtics Two games against Miami this week are an interesting test

9 Magic (5-2 LW 7) The Orlando Defense got off to a quick start (they were the last undefeated team in the NBA), and it’s critical that the transition chances for opponents are limited, Orlando is the bottom 10 in the league in both three per game pointers attempted and the three-point shooting percentage that will overtake them, but the top 12 of the Magic-League3 offensive rebounds One game keeps the offensive afloat

10 Nets (4-4, LW 1) Kevin Durant is down for three more games due to COVID-19 tracking and logs, which is problematic for the Nets as their offense is 10.8 points per 100 possessions worse if he’s not on the pitch (though it didn’t matter how Kyrie Irving beat Utah on Tuesday) The bigger problem is that net defense won’t save her most nights Brooklyn’s five games in Utah had a defensive rating of 1132 ( Points per 100 possessions), ranked 26th in the league.Besides, Brooklyn was soft to the touch, allowing for more offensive rebounds from opponents than any other team in the league act good defenders

11 Jazz (4-3 LW 12) Mike Conley has been Utah’s best player so far this season – a big boost from his injury-filled and disappointing 2020 season.Conley averages 186 points per game, shooting 453% of three (though he doesn’t take many) Its efficiency has made up for a slow start from Donovan Mitchell who may be starting to find his groove Rudy Gobert played at his usual All-NBA level early on, but the return of Derrick Favors gives the jazz the depth it needs and consistency at the forefront given

12 Cavaliers (4-3, LW 13) Cleveland’s defense may have some stamina – it remains the second best in the league – but the offensive led by Collin Sexton remains despite his six 20-point games (and one big night against the Hawks lately) unchanged Dante Exum, who gave the Cavaliers 19 minutes a night from the bench, is out with a calf strain for 1-2 months – not good, but far less serious than it looked when it happened

13 underdogs (3-4, LW 15) Dallas finally had a good game from beyond the arc but is shooting 322% as a team of three, bottom five in the league so far that is likely to change over time, especially if Porzingis Part of the problem is that Luka Doncic doesn’t live up to the MVP hype last season – or even plays as well as it did last season He averages 258 points per game, but the bigger problem is Doncic’s efficiency – he shoots 195% of three (312% a year ago) Doncic’s percentage of support has dropped What’s on? Former Dallas Guard JJ Barea said during an appearance on J.J Redick’s podcast that a young Doncic doesn’t focus on his conditioning like a veteran, and that’s a sub-problem

14 Pelicans (4-3, LW 17) Stan Van Gundy walked in prioritizing defense by stealing a page from Milwaukee’s book on protecting the rim at all costs while allowing more threesomes over the break so far works, the pelicans have the fourth best defense in the league (although this is ranked 10th Space falls when you use Cleaning the Glass garbage time filter) The pelicans’ offense is still in the works for all their talents Zion Williamson’s second jump is just a matter of beauty

15 Knicks (4-3, LW 20) Julius Randle is playing at an All-Star level – maybe All-NBA – to open the season he looks lighter and more explosive.He averages 221 points and 114 rebounds a game, but it’s the 74 assists a night that are the biggest surprise – Randle assists on 328% of teammates’ buckets when he’s on the floor has become a real playmaker The Knicks’ quick start to the season is mind-blowing – and they made it against the league’s toughest schedule to date, but Utah, Denver and Brooklyn are not going to get any easier next week

16 Heat (3-3 EV 16) If you look at why Miami was ranked 26th in the NBA earlier this season Filled in place, it has to start with sales – 189% of Heat possessions have had sales this season, the highest rate in the league.It’s strange to see a Miami team so undisciplined, but at the start of the season The heat is not chosen as it was in the bubble. Despite all the shooters on the squad, the heat is on the 19th in three-point attempts per game Place

17 Warriors (4-3, LW 19) It was sheer basketball joy to see Stephen Curry go for 62 – we missed that kind of unstoppable blast from him giving Golden State fans hope for a playoff spot (or rather on play-in games) is Draymond Green’s return, organizing the defense and taking a small shot. Golden State’s bottom 10 defense is the biggest problem, and Green alone – especially his last few games on this one Played at the end – may not be enough to fix the problem

18 Nuggets (3-4 LW 23) A couple of wins against weak teams have at least tipped Denver in the right direction, but this is still a second worst defense team in the NBA, despite their third best offense lately Nikola Jokic continues to play at MVP level early in the season, but if he’s seated the teams can shoot on the edge, and Denver is -202 per 100 possessions in those minutes The Nuggets need to find a way to get better when the joker gets some rest

19 Spurs (3-4, LW 18) It feels strange to talk about the most stable franchise in the NBA, the team that have just gone through a 22-year playoff streak, and they call it “perky “And to be described as an outsider But the youth movement in San Antonio is working – Dejounte Murray lost 21 to the Clippers and won four games (but two against the Lakers, so grain of salt) Getting Patty Mills and Rudy Gay off the bench seems to be working for the Spurs, which gives Keldon Johnson and Lonnie Walker IV more run to find their games Derrick White, who averaged 19 points per game in the bubble, is now falling indefinitely after breaking the same toe that was operated on in the off-season

20 Trail Blazers (3-4, LW 9) CJ McCollum came out this season with a focus on more threes – 108 averaging a game now (up from 73 last season) and he’s hitting 431% of them this has – along with Damian Lillard and the death of Jusuf Nurkic – started a Portland crime that ranks sixth in the league if you remove garbage time from the equation (Cleaning the Glass stats) The defense remains a mess, however. Congratulations to Lillard on reaching 15000 career points in the past week The only blazer to ever score more points is Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler

21 missiles (2-3 LW 25) This ranking may be too low for a team to start gaining a foothold Christian Wood made a fantastic offense out of the five an average of 236 points and 10 rebounds per game (he must give them better paint protection though), and John Wall gives Houston a quality 213 points per night James Harden, whether he wants to be there or not, will get buckets (33 points per game this season) if the rockets hit their bottom 10 -Be able to improve defense, they will climb the leaderboard and climb that leaderboard quickly

22 bulls (4-4, LW 27) Chicago took some wins, but it was hard to read too much about how to sweep the lowly wizards and beat a Dallas team without Doncic. Then came the win in Portland, the Coming back from 20 points down the road to beating an established playoff team – Chicago showed the kind of grit and maturity we haven’t seen from them Zach LaVine was asked after the game if they played this game under Jim a year ago Boylen could have won, and his answer was simple, “No”

23 Kings (3-4, LW 14) The Kings cooled off after a hot start and lost a few games against Houston It’s still frustrating that this team is only playing at an average pace (14th Place in the league as a percentage of the offensive ball possession that begins in transition With De’Aaron Fox, this team should run all the time, of course, none of this is anyone’s talking about, thanks to Marvin Bagley III’s father – and Fox’s father back to him – casting a shadow over everything It’s all just so much kings / p>

24 Hornets (2-5, LW 22) It doesn’t mean a good offensive (still the bottom 10 in the league) but the ball movement in Charlotte is impressive. This is a selfless team and leads the league with an average of 29 assists per Game at Lonzo Ball hits headlines and highlights, but Miles Bridges has taken a big step forward this season and forms a strong bench combination with Ball Malik Monk expressed frustration with his lack of minutes but better players ahead of him at the moment / p>

25 Wizards (2-5 LW 29) Russell Westbrook tried only 168% of his shot attempts on the edge this season, by far the lowest percentage of his career since he’s been dealing with longer twos (51% of which he’s hitting so far, but that’s unsustainable) and more threes (22) happy 7% this season) The Wizards are about to enter a brutal section of the schedule where it will be tough to make a profit and Scott Brooks’ seat could get a lot hotter when losses pile up

26 Thunder (2-4, LW 24) Oklahoma City has the worst offense in the NBA this young season, and part of it is that the Thunder doesn’t generate easy buckets – they have the lowest percentage of games that Starting in league transition Al Horford shows that he still has something in his tank in good health, averaging 9 points and 72 rebounds per game this season – not by his old standards, but solid Sam Presti might be able to to use for a trade (for more draft picks) but Horford owed $ 535 million for two seasons after this one, it won’t be easy

27 Grizzlies (2-5, LW 26) The Grizzlies are 1-3 with no Ja Morant (at least a few weeks later with a sprained ankle), though a cheery performance against Lakers Tuesday may give some hope to Add Morant’s absence added the fact that Jaren Jackson Jr (Left knee surgery) and Justise Winslow (hip) are out and not only is it going to be difficult for this team to win games, it is also slowing the development of the young core of Memphis

28 Raptors (1-5, LW 28) Toronto has launched many threes for the past two seasons (421% of their total shots last season, 379% in the title season) but this season is half their shots go up (49) 9%) and it doesn’t work (even though they shoot a strong 366% at them) The Raptors have the second worst offense in the NBA and the biggest problem is half the court where they were terrible Pascal Siakam fights in Continuing to be an offensive centerpiece this season, she hurts halfway and relies more on Fred VanVleet and Kyle Lowry

29 Butts (1-6 LW 30) Blake Griffin = Three Point Shooter As ESPN’s Bobby Marks pointed out, Griffin has taken 647% of his shots out of three this season, and while he has knocked down 394% of them, he never comes back the same way to the edge last season in Detroit it was 387% of his shot attempts came out of three, and in his senior year with the Clippers it was less than 6% of his shots Credit Griffin took them, but he just can’t get any more blow past guys and get to the edge the same way

30 Timberwolves (2-5, LW 21) This team misses Karl-Anthony Towns desperately Minnesota is 6-0 since Towns sustained a wrist injury, but Tuesday’s loss to Denver gave a glimmer of hope as it was first with was less than 15 points (seven) Watch a Timberwolves game and it looks even worse D’Angelo Russell put it well: “I think we’re not ready to win just yet. We’re still figuring out how to lose Sounds crazy, but the way it is How You Lose Says A Lot About The Team How We Lost Today Was A Great Way To Lose “Cities are being re-evaluated over the weekend


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