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Despite his iconic voice as Woody, the cowboy doll in the Toy Story films, Tom Hanks has never done a western. Paul Greengrass hasn’t gotten around to it either; less surprising as the British director was born in Surrey

But now the two have teamed up to correct that, and the result is very good indeed. Despite the presence of at least one excellent chase and well-manicured tension (both trademarks of Greengrass), News Of The World feels like it like a movie in which Hanks had the upper creative hand

Tom Hanks is as good to see as always and Helena Zengel (above with Hanks) is great as the girl Highly recommended

Here’s that good man, Captain Jefferson Kidd, a Civil War veteran who travels from Texan town to Texan town reading newspaper articles for townspeople too poor, busy, or illiterate to do it for themselves

Until one day he stumbled upon a racist lynching that left a black cavalryman dead and a little blonde girl scared and alone, it turned out that she was kidnapped by Kiowa Indians, raised by them and not a word of English speaks

The dead cavalryman was supposed to take her to her aunt and uncle, but now clearly someone else has to do it I can’t imagine who that could be

Kristen Wiig recently had unexpected success as Diana Prince’s main antagonist in Wonder Woman 1984. Now the bridesmaid star is returning to her comic roots with Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar in what feels like a spin-off of a Saturday Night Live Sketch feels like, but is actually an original piece by Wiig and Annie Mumolo who wrote bridesmaids together and played here

They’re high-pitched, loud, and pretty idiots, and two recently fired middle-aged saleswomen arrive at the Florida Resort of the Title Just like a wicked megalomaniac trying to wipe the city out with the help of remote-controlled mosquitos

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