A 26-year-old employee at a quarantine hotel in Melbourne who returned a positive COVID-19 test is an “exemplary employee” who followed all safety protocols, says Premier Daniel Andrews

The Noble Park man served as Resident Support Officer at the Grand Hyatt Hotel

as part of the Australian Open quarantine program

He last worked on 29 January at the hotel and returned a negative test at the end of that shift but developed symptoms later

The new case resulted in a nightly reintroduction of the same coronavirus restrictions imposed on the state over New Years Eve

This means that masks are mandatory in all indoor spaces and the number of visitors allowed in private homes has been halved to 15

A planned increase in the number of people admitted to workplaces, which is expected to rise to 75 percent from Monday, has been halted

Fifteen of the man’s close household contacts have returned negative tests on a mark labeled “positive” by Mr Andrews, with the other two expected results on Friday

Mr Andrews said a review of the video surveillance in the hotel showed that the worker was correctly following all security procedures

“He also gave us very detailed reports of where he was and any other information we needed,” he said

“We are very grateful to him and after asking a few questions last night we can find no problem, no violation of the protocol, nothing like that in relation to his employment”

But he said the “working assumption” is that he caught the virus at work and not in the community

Victoria’s Deputy Chief Health Officer, Allen Cheng, confirmed the man was working on the same floor as several COVID-19 cases at the hotel, but it’s not clear how he got infected

“I think it’s probably not rocket science to say he probably got it from one of the cases,” he said

“We know there have been six cases in this hotel, apparently they were put in tough quarantine, in the health hotels when they were diagnosed, but obviously there is this process of moving them in place but we don’t know any Violations “

Professor Cheng said there was a new approach to testing hotel quarantine workers where they would continue to be wiped down after they quit their jobs

Genomic sequencing will be done to determine if the worker has any of the more contagious strains of the virus, but on Wednesday night Andrews said health teams are “assuming the worst”

The Ministry of Health constantly updates its website with a list of the exposure sites visited by the positive case

Anyone who has visited the Brighton, Brandon Park, Clayton South, Heatherton, Keysborough, Melbourne CBD, Moorabbin, Noble Park, Springvale and West Melbourne locations at the times listed must be tested and isolated for 14 days. p>

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More than a dozen other test sites, mostly in the southeast, had wait times in excess of 30 minutes

At the Springers Leisure Center in Keysborough, a man speaking to ABC from his car said he was turned away at 8:30 a.m.

“There will be delays and in many ways there may be no other way,” said Andrews

“We can’t have people just trudging through these places, it has to be done carefully, slowly and meticulously I don’t want a test site to become a super spread site so this has to be done very carefully”

Victoria’s COVID test commander Jeroen Weimar said around 520 Australian Open players and staff have completed their quarantine at the Grand Hyatt and have all been asked to be tested and isolated

“There will be special testing facilities for them to make sure we can get their test results and then exclude them from investigation,” he said

“They’re casual contacts We’re not that concerned about them But again, as a precaution, we want to make sure that we leave no stone unturned in how we track and deal with anyone who may have had contact with this person”

All Australian Open pre-event games that were due to take place on Thursday at Melbourne Park have been postponed, but organizers are confident the tournament will continue

About 80 other employees who worked at the hotel were ordered to isolate and undergo testing. Secretary of State Emergency Services Lisa Neville said the incident had no impact on hotel quarantine system staffing

Shadow Police Secretary David Southwick said many Victorians have wondered whether the government has given tennis priority over the health and safety of the community

“The questions about the strength of this program – can it stand up when we have a situation like the one we are hearing?” he said

Residents of Keysborough, one of the high-risk suburbs, told ABC they thought tennis should have been canceled this year

“It might as well go on. It’s too late now [to cancel] the players would be so disappointed,” said Pauline Ogilvy

Anyone arriving from Melbourne, West Melbourne, Brighton, Brandon Park, Clayton South, Heatherton, Keysborough, Moorabbin, Noble Park and Springvale in the NT must have a mandatory quarantine at the price of 2Complete 500 USD

Anyone who has been since 29 Arrived from Victorian hotspots in the Northern Territory on January 23rd, instructed to get tested for COVID-19 and self-isolate until a negative result is confirmed

A plan for Western Australia, the border restrictions with Victoria from Nov.Loosening 59 p.m. on Thursday has been put on hold

“Victoria should move to the very low risk category at midnight tonight, but that has now been put on hold and we will assess the situation in the coming days,” said Mark McGowan, Washington Prime Minister

“This means that travelers from Victoria will be quarantined for another 14 days and undergo a test on Nov. Must undergo day

“Victoria may need to move back to the medium risk category, but hopefully things will stay under control there”

Queensland will keep its border with Victoria open, but Health Secretary Yvette D’Ath has seen everyone who has visited Greater Melbourne since Jan. January, asked to be tested for coronavirus and isolate

Flights from Melbourne were held on the tarmac at Sydney Airport Thursday morning when a health screening was organized

NSW Health said passengers landing in Sydney from Melbourne would be screened at the gate and temperature controls carried out

Passengers are also asked if they have been in locations marked by Victorian Health Authorities and are required to complete a Passenger Declaration

Everyone on the ACT who was at a potential high risk COVID-19 exposure site in Victoria was asked to be tested and quarantined for 14 days

South Australia will keep its border with Victoria open, but anyone who has been to Greater Melbourne and traveling to SA must have a COVID-19 test on days one, five and 12

Anyone who has been at any of the hotspots identified in Victoria is asked to quarantine themselves and contact SA Health

The SA authorities say their response is different from the Western Australia hard border over the weekend as the two states have very different hotel quarantine facilities and testing procedures

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