We’ll wait a while to see Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 up in the air, but rest assured this: it’s going to be insane if you thought the series hasn’t made enough insane revelations yet , she’ll take things to another level on her return

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Granted, it will also look a little different than anything we’ve seen this time around, so let’s frame it for a moment like Tasha appears to be gone Cooper Saxe has a new position Tommy and Tariq probably won’t meet again as we prepare to a partially new world, but there are other parts of this universe. Think along the lines of Monet, the Tejada family and Tariq St Patrick at school He’s barely finished with his education, although nothing changes the fact that Jabari is dead – murdered by Tariq’s hand

In a video segment after the season one finale, show executive producer Courtney Kemp noted that any decisions Tariq made in the finale will come to “complications” – none of which will be forgotten. He will deal with the Grappling with fact that Jabari’s death could lead to more attention being paid to him In the meantime, Zeke could end up in more hot water too, depending on what’s going on with Carrie and his decision to stay with Monet and this family, could lead to drama as well. Remember that Cane’s position is still somewhat ambiguous with them

While Season 1 of Ghost was a lot about recording pieces from the past, Season 2 could be about building the future better – and rest assured, we’re very excited to see what that looks like

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