“Shadows in the Cloud” is a war painting and monster movie that dips into another genre or two before it’s finished, but director and co-writer Roseanne Liang (“My Wedding and Other Secrets It’s the type of movie where you laugh at the filmmaker’s moxie and scream at the tension at the same time

Liang and co-writer Max Landis get away with a number of bold moves – including tucking their heroine into a cramped, lonely room for the first half hour and limiting their communication with other characters to voices on a radio station – but In the end, Shadow in the Cloud succeeds so often that viewers are more likely to experience some of the flaws in internal logic

Based on an animated opening sequence parodying the Warner Bros. Cartoons from World War II.We were produced for the Air Force about the mythical “gremlins” believed to be the cause of aircraft malfunctions We follow Captain Maude Garrett (Chloë Grace Moretz) as she hops on a B-17 bomber at the last minute and carries a leather bag with what she says is classified cargo The men on board are vulgar with one exception, hostile or dismissive to the idea of ​​having a passenger, and the captain forces her to ride in the ball tower during takeoff until he can figure out why she is there

Watch the video: ‘Shadows in the Cloud’ star Chloe Grace Moretz on fighting her claustrophobia to play the WW2 pilot

(The bullet revolver is the bubble in the bottom of a fighter plane where the only thing separating a shooter from a free fall is an inverted glass dome. At some point in high school, you may have Randall Jarrell’s poem, “The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner “Learned”)

From her point of view, Maude can see things the other flyers can’t, from a Japanese spy plane to a seemingly real monstrous gremlin moving along the underside of the plane, but as the men tend to take her seriously to take – and they later find gaps in their story about who she is and why she is there – do not listen at first

And then things start to happen, and “Shadow in the Cloud” sets a high gear with a mixture of aerial combat and creepy crawling animals that keep attracting attention as the film progresses, Liang and the cutter Tom Eagles (” Jojo Rabbit “) keep the running time under 90 minutes, but they offer enough thrills (and occasional moments of tension in the heart) for three more films

It’s kind of like a mix-and-match movie – like a universal horror movie that’s turned into a Warner Bros. invades war adventure, which combines a story from the 1940s with an outspoken score from the 1980s by Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper – but everything fits together Even the greatest WTF moment of the script, which contains the contents of Maude’s suitcase, receives a passport, because it is a bridge to some of the most vibrant moments in the film

Given that the film’s male cast (including Nick Robinson, Taylor John Smith, Beulah Koale, and Byron Coll) cast most of the film as off-screen voices, this is literally Moretz’s show, and them Clearly enjoys playing Sigourney. Weaver tosses tired gender stereotypes out the window as she feeds with one hand, fires guns, and hits monsters with the other

“Shadow in the Cloud” has that boisterous B-movie energy and is a reminder that narrative shamelessness is permissible or even welcome in the hands of an insured storyteller

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Shadow in the Cloud

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