A supermarket in Hungary brought smiles to shoppers’ faces and romantic opportunities by making shopping baskets available for “singles” in time for Valentine’s Day on Sunday

Shoppers entering the Auchan store in Csomor east of Budapest can choose a blue or pink basket with a “Single Seeking Mate” sign

A sign above the stack of baskets reads: “Are you single? Use the single baskets so you can meet ‘the’ in your favorite shop”

“In this coronavirus era, this is a great idea, it’s an opportunity for those looking to partner, and fun and fun too,” a 25-year-old shopper, Csilla Beres, told AFP while grabbing a basket / p>

“Let’s see what’s in store for us and try it out, we don’t miss any opportunities,” said 25-year-old Tamas as he rolled his basket into the store

Employees who came up with the idea decided it might prove popular with disconnected shoppers whose dating channels were restricted by anti-coronavirus rules like social distancing and mask-wearing

“Of course we also draw your attention to the fact that you can only familiarize yourself with maximum compliance with epidemiological rules,” said Ildiko Varga-Futo, manager at Auchan, to AFP

Following her success in Csomor, similar baskets will be used in other Auchan stores in Hungary on Valentine’s Day Sunday, she said

“I think not everyone has heard of the news that there are baskets like this here,” one shopper, Annamaria, 40, told AFP on her way out

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Valentine’s Day

World news – AU – Shopping baskets for singles a Valentine’s Day hit in Hungary

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