Posted: 19:21 GMT, Jan. February 2021 | Updated: 20:40 GMT, Jan. February 2021

Shots were fired at the location of a hostage where a woman and a young child had been held for at least 20 hours

According to reports, an armed man is holding a woman and a five-year-old boy hostage in a suburban home and ordering the police to shut down the entire neighborhood

The siege is now in the 20th Hour with dozens of police officers on site early Friday morning, where an “emergency declaration” is still available

Local reporters said they heard several shots from the apartment, the courier post reported

“An emergency declaration made by the Sunnybank police yesterday afternoon is still valid this morning,” said a police statement

Shots were fired at the location of a hostage situation that is turning 20 in Sunnybank Hour has reached pictures are camouflaged police officers on site early Friday morning

According to reports, an armed man is holding a woman and a child, aged five, hostage in a suburban home in Sunnybank on the south side of Brisbane, with Tactical Police (pictured) now surrounding a house in an attempt to defuse the situation

‘Residents of the exclusion zone are asked to continue to follow the advice of the emergency services on site’

“We want to do our best to find a peaceful solution,” a spokesman told 7newscomau

Acting inspector Mick Ackery told reporters Thursday that the police had done everything they could to ensure the incident was resolved peacefully

‘We stand ready to deal with the situation as long as it takes to keep the community, the people in this house and of course our officials safe’

The siege began its 20th Friday morning Hour Police officers are pictured in the cordoned off street on Friday

Acting inspector Mick Ackery said the special police were speaking to the man “to bring the incident to a peaceful conclusion”

Inspector Ackery said the police spoke to the armed man but would not comment on an “unknown” weapon or the other inmates in the house so as not to escalate the situation

“You need to understand that this is an ongoing matter, a dynamic, fluid situation Therefore, it is very difficult and inappropriate for me to make any further comments on it, “he said

‘I have to let the special police do their job and that’s all I want to say at this point’

Mr Ackery goes back to the cordoned off area as the siege continues. He said they were “ready to deal with the situation while it lasts”

Locals were urged to avoid a restricted area between Dyson Avenue, Geddes Place, Beenleigh Rd and Ganda Place

When asked if detectives had visited the house before the siege, he said, “The police had visited the address’

“Contrary to some beliefs, the incident did not start at the Banoon Station,” he said

‘There are a number of cops here, including tacticians, criminals, detectives and other specialty cops’

Trains traveling along the Beenleigh Line will initially skip the nearby banoon station, but will later resume as normal

Neighbors, who usually live in the “very peaceful and beautiful place”, said they heard a man and a woman arguing on Thursday morning

“There must have been about 40 policemen in armor here there were some people in camouflage and with guns, “said a resident of the courier post

A hostage situation in Brisbane is in its 11th year Hour reached The police are pictured on Thursday on site

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