Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard made a surprise appearance next to Health Minister Greg Hunt and urged the Australians to receive a Covid 19 vaccination

Ms. Gillard and Mr. Hunt both received their coronavirus vaccinations ahead of a press conference in Melbourne on Sunday

The former Prime Minister said her appearance was part of a “unified message” despite being on “different sides of the policy” with Mr Hunt, who was the shadow minister for climate change, environment and heritage, while Ms. Gillard was the prime minister

“I remember doing the occasional crossword puzzle on things like climate change and carbon policy and all the rest,” she told reporters

“I’m here today and it’s a visible representation that there is a unified message no matter which side of the policy you choose, no matter who you want to vote for, and that there is a common message and that unity Message is please get the vaccine ”

Ms. Gillard urged people to “take a step forward” and get vaccinated, noting that women are likely to be more cautious than men in getting the vaccine

The government is focused on alleviating popular fears and refuting online conspiracies against vaccines while accelerating adoption

Mr Hunt said Australia will be between Jan. and 29 About one million doses of CSL AstraZeneca vaccine received on March

Health Secretary Brendan Murphy added that health, border and frontline workers were the first to come in the week starting on Jan. March vaccinations were given to focus on over 80s and over 70s

“Once we get through the 70s and 80s and some certain high risk groups like rescue workers and police, we start moving through other age groups,” said Professor Murphy

“Sixties and then under 60s and then we expand it and we are going to have more locations and vaccinate pretty much anyone over the age of 18

“And as Minister Hunt says, if we know if the vaccines are effective against children, we can extend them to children, not because children really need to be protected, but preventing further transmission can be beneficial”

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Professor Murphy added that people can see if they are eligible for a vaccine through an online tracker

Mr. Hunt was asked about online conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers to whom he replied, “Vaccines save lives”

“If we look at smallpox, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, measles, mumps and see the results from the UK, we can see that vaccinations are not only saving lives that they have changed health system on the all over the world, but they are also our global way out of Covid-19, “said Hunt

“We’re doing incredibly well here in Australia, but that gives Australia the security that goes into the future

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