The police officer who died yesterday while trying to rescue a 24-year-old student in the Blue Mountains had just won another fight his life

The bodies of two women were discovered on Sunday lunchtime after an exhausting search for land and water in the Blue Mountains

NSW police paid tribute to one of their “selfless” officers who tragically drowned on a failed canyoning trip over the weekend

Senior Constable Kelly Foster died Saturday in the Blue Mountains after she and a 24-year-old woman were sucked into a hot tub in Wollangambe Canyon

Emergency services rushed to the site at around 2 a.m. On Saturday at 30 p.m. after the women had disappeared underwater, police divers only found their bodies nearby yesterday

Mal Lanyon, Acting Police Commissioner for NSW, spoke to reporters today about a tragic detail of Ms. Foster’s past and said she had only recently returned to the police force after a hiatus in the fight against cancer

“Kelly had fought breast cancer, but she was determined to become a police officer,” he said

“The fact that the NSW police felt her death so grave shows the respect they had”

Acting Comm Lanyon said Ms. Foster was “a very beloved and respected member of the New South Wales Police Department”

“Her untimely death yesterday is a great tragedy for both her family and the entire police family,” he said

“I would like to express my deepest condolences and heartfelt thoughts to your family, not just your family, but the family of the 24 year old woman who was with Kelly”

Witnesses at the crime scene described the moment when the 24-year-old, an international student from Chiswick, was thrown into the water by her inflatable Lilo

“Kelly’s selfless approach to trying to save the 24-year-old woman shows the highest qualities a police officer can possibly display and really validates why I am so proud of the NSW police and all of the cops who are we’re working with, “Acting Comm Said Lanyon

Rescue services in search of the Wollangambe River near Mount Wilson Image: Adam YipSource: News Corp Australia

“Later today I will certainly visit your colleagues from Lithgow to show my support. We have a great structure within the police force to ensure that all of your colleagues are supported

“We have given her family a lot of support, and we will continue to do so. Kelly is not only part of the police family, but our family as well. We take care of her”

Ms. Foster joined the police force 10 years ago and started serving as a probation officer with Newtown Local Area Command.She was confirmed as a police officer in May 2012

She joined the State Crime Command in May 2014 and worked as an Intel Analyst

until May 2020

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