In the English language there are few words that sound as cute as feeling “boxing day sales” and within a few hours I’ll be on top of us

While 2020 has overcome its (un) fair share of economic hardships and challenges, a gift for yourself at discounted prices is really in order

However, according to a survey by CHOICE, Australia’s leading consumer protection group, there seem to be a few key items high on everyone’s list

Of course, with everyone hoping to leave 2020 behind and achieve a “new year, new me” look, the clothes are beating sales predictions 49 percent of those surveyed are ready to redesign their wardrobe

Kitchen appliances follow with over a fifth of Aussies who want to dazzle their kitchen – hopefully not because we will still have a pandemic until 2021

“The Boxing Day sale can be a great opportunity to get an item you’ve been looking for at a cheaper price,” said Matt Steen, CHOICE director of Reviews and Testing

“We surveyed Australia’s most dedicated shoppers and asked them what’s on their radar for Boxing Day this year Clothes and small kitchen gadgets are going to be the hottest ticket sales this year,”

With our festive meals drawing to a close quickly today, this isn’t a deterrent to shoppers getting ready for next year’s festivities

Twenty-one percent of Boxing Day shoppers are hoping to buy Christmas groceries at discounted prices, while 19 percent are willing to stock up on leftover Christmas decorations and trees for the stupid time of year

Steen says that of the thousands surveyed, the “majority of people” are planning to buy in-store despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

“25 percent of Boxing Day shoppers will go to a physical store to make a purchase, and 53 percent will do their purchases both in-store and online,” says Steen

Such a claim may change, however, NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian announced today Boxing Day buyers should try to avoid massive crowds on CBD sales

With seven other cases cropping up in the state overnight, Ms. Berejiklian said, “We know this is not the easiest message we can give these retailers, but we want to discourage people from going to the CBD tomorrow “

“All the people and staff, as well as the people who shop, should wear a mask in these venues,” she added

If you want to take part in the Boxing Day sale, Steen has CHOICE’s top tips to get the best deal

“It’s really important to spend some time researching the product you’re looking to buy, especially if it’s a more expensive item,” he explains

“In our tests, we often find that cheaper products can outperform more expensive items It is therefore worth taking the time to evaluate a few different products “

The Director of Reviews and Testing also suggested using “price comparisons” between deals and “negotiating” to get the best deal

“Many retailers offer price adjustments So make sure you do some research and use it to your advantage. If you are making multiple purchases, ask if you can get these for a cheaper price. Or just ask, “Is this the best price you can do.” ? ” when you’re in a store, “says Steen

The CHOICE poll found that 11 percent of consumers on Aussie Boxing Day hope to come home with more linens, manchester, and towels

And to be fair, after the year that has passed, a little more comfort when we lie down seems like a great idea

Boxing Day Sales 2020

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