The mother of a three-year-old girl who was bitten by a poisonous snake at home urges people to learn first aid, which saved her daughter’s life

Lucia Carna was playing ball with her brother and grandmother on Thursday last week when she was bitten by the venomous snake known as the dugite

Lucia unknowingly stepped on the line after emerging from a garden bed in a courtyard of her grandmother’s apartment complex in Mandurah

Her grandmother Jill kept Lucia steady and wrapped her legs tightly in bandages until an ambulance arrived and took her to Rockingham General Hospital

Lucia’s mother Holly said it was this quick first aid treatment that kept her daughter in good shape

“What we were told in the hospital was that Mom’s actions made a massive difference immediately afterwards,” she said

“When you got that call that you never want your child to get, something happened my thought was ‘mom can handle it’ “

Ms. Carna said that while she was aware of the dangers of snakes growing up on a farm, she did not expect to see them in the suburbs

“When you think about getting your first aid, you think that you are about to run into a car accident or that someone at the restaurant has a heart attack and you are needed”Mrs. Carna said

“But that’s probably less likely – it’s more likely you’ll use it on someone you spend a lot of time with, someone you love

The ambulance attending Lucia, Associate Professor Stephen Grainger, said putting pressure on the bite area is the most important thing in helping a snakebite victim

“Most deaths from brown snakebites occur before arriving at the hospital due to cardiac arrest,” he said

“The goal of a pressure bandage is to slow the spread of the toxin into the circulation and prevent this early cardiac arrest

“If the patient collapses and goes into cardiac arrest, we know that good CPR, which you learn in a first aid course, will greatly improve your outcome and give you the chance to get to and from the hospital receive”Antidote”

Veteran snake trader Paul Kenyon said snakes are attracted to homes because of the presence of food, pets and rodents

“Certainly never try to catch it, never try and kill – most people are generally bitten when trying to catch or kill a snake”

“I’ve had multiple bites of my own and every time I give first aid it makes a huge difference,” he said

“This is knowledge you will keep and hopefully one day you can use it and get a result like we had”

“I think Nanna is more scared and I’m more scared and Dad – she’s not worried at all!”

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