In this penultimate episode, all of the pieces are put together for the season’s final showdown while the Scarlet Witch’s heartbreaking backstory is

Spoiler Alert: This blog is for people who watch WandaVision on Disney, so don’t read on unless you’ve watched episodes one through eight

“When I felt this place there was the afterglow of so many spells at once …” Agatha’s Exposition Hour drops most of the WandaVision puzzle pieces into place, not least the clarification that the show we saw was really Wanda’s Creation all the time

The big jump here, though it doesn’t feel like it, is the confirmation that this is magic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wanda is the product of scientific experimentation with a cosmic rock – fantasy science fiction, but still more dependent on that Science fiction than on fantasy

It turns out that one large map that WandaVision has hidden is the character’s discovery that he was indeed a magical being, and it’s not just the Mind Stone that did this – Wanda has been doing probability spells since childhood She just didn’t know

There’s a fumbled ending, however – suddenly Agatha has the twins at the end of magical choke chains as if she had to make that sudden decision to get the upper hand instead of being in control of Wanda for 40 minutes from chat and flashbacks to But herself this is enlivened by “This Makes You the Scarlet Witch” – which means that, like in the comics, Scarlet Witch is a legacy name that Wanda is just the latest to own, although she hasn’t claimed it yet

Agatha’s role in the last seven episodes is finally (somehow) explained: “I tried to be gentle to push you out of this fantasy …” The power of magic has drawn Agatha here and the role in the Sitcom was her attempt to find out the source of Wanda’s power, and when it didn’t, she tried to break out from Wanda

Whether you find this reason enough for Agatha to “make a John Harrison” (from Star Trek Into Darkness, who gave Kahn this mundane name in order not to reveal his identity, even though the name would mean nothing to the characters in the world Film – see also Oberhauser / Blofeld in SPECTER) is yours. Wanda asks “Who are you?” after the name is revealed shows how silly that kind of secrecy feels to the audience.But like with Loki, for both the fun and the result, Agatha is feeling safe, there are easier ways to do it but would she enjoy them as well?

In her magical basement, Agatha also sets out how magic will work for Wanda in the future – both on this show and in the broader MCU There are limits: her fake Pietro (“Fietro”) was a solution when it turned out that the original brother “was on another continent – full of holes – impractical”

Speaking of things that were hidden from the public While it took me up to the fifth episode to notice the initials of “WandaVision” and “WestView”, it took me a storefront this week to recognize the additional pun on “wesTView” Well played, writer

Taking a first look at Westview in front of Wanda, it turns out it’s a pretty shabby place before the sitcom was buffed by The Often Watched Postman turns out to be a pizza delivery man (so the postman is delivering pizza now?) in a derelict City Maybe it was in better shape when Vision chose this as their place to grow old, or maybe it was just the convenience of getting to the Avengers grounds (the real reason it’s in such a state is likely because we feel better about what Wanda did – it’s not like she ruined millions of happy lives, instead it’s just hundreds of seemingly miserable ones)

To be honest, Vision’s note on her house deed broke me. And as I sat sobbing, Wanda’s reaction felt perfectly reasonable: don’t let it be his grief streamed out of her and a backup vision too (luckily ended he had a terrible fan theory that she had lived with his resuscitated corpse the whole time – and had sex with her in episode two)

WandaVision is far from showing grief-stricken hysteria, however, and it turns out to be the result of something wiser, the sheer frustration of a life Wanda put in box after box – trapped in that of war torn Sokovia, trapped in Hydra’s experiment room, trapped on the Avengers grounds – then forced Wanda to have SWORD treat her lover’s body like spare parts

A lifetime of resentment has been bottled as the world begs women to do it over and over in Wanda’s frustrated life, sitcoms have become a palliative, calming presence as her endless efforts to stay calm in one life are in that everyone wants to scream, finally explode out of her, she turns the world into well, unfortunately in a different box

It looks like the goal is to turn Wanda from an SF superhero into a fantasy superhero, which is a solid way to make sure this story is relevant to the growth of the character – her expands her view of the world in a similar way to how Captain America: The Winter Soldier influenced Steve – and also prepares her well for her role in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

Like Monica last week, this has more of a touch of fate than a choice. Wanda in that sitcom box (on the box) can’t last but while Agnes seems to offer a new world to be part of – if also less as an offer, but more as a magical hold-up – it really does offer a different container. You have been magical all along, you are the Scarlet Witch, be what my world defines you

If Wanda makes this deal it is believed that she will change the terms to avoid ever getting caught again

Showrunner Jac Schaeffer’s approach to superheroes was to look for alternatives to violence, to glorify weapons and weapons. “It’s all about inner strength,” she said in an interview about Captain Marvel, “and the destruction does not come at the expense of human life ”

That approach became apparent this week when SWORD awakened the body of Vision without all of its color and now with a sickening, zombie-like white Hayward never saw the body of Vision as a body – this is where it literally states its dollar value in Vibranium – and it looks like we’ve got another comic riff done (“Vision Quest” is the story you’re looking for)

I feel bad for Josh Stamberg, who never really had a chance to concretize Tyler Hayward “to hell with your feelings, I have a job to do.” The writing never quite seemed to find a mode for him, a personality beyond the persona, so he’s stuck in the standard genre chic – and now relegates himself to creating plots with middle credits

Should we read it to show how Wanda Vision’s body is tested as indifference or intentional sadism? Is he trying to urge her to respond, resuscitating the synthetoid, or does he just not know how obscene it all is? With all of this clever writing (see how we are misled to believe that Agatha’s flashback is her pursuit by witch hunters), I’m not sure there is a clear stance on Hayward – and yet the story relies on his Actions to move things forward

Elsewhere, this episode features some of the most beautiful writings in the series as writer Laura Donney (and the rest of the staff, I’m sure) finds extraordinary twists, “What is grief if love does not endure?” is a gloriously simple truth, while “This is where you make breakfast for dinner” is a great mockery of Agatha And oh, the heartbreak in “It’s Not That A Show”

There’s also a wonderful pursuit of the sitcom through Wanda’s life.Although initially coerced – she has literally never mentioned pop culture awareness until now – it becomes clear that WandaVision is relying only on the simple truth that these shows are one Constants throughout our lives have been Forever on TV and almost always comforting. There’s also a definition of sitcom gimmick that will break your heart – consolation for a happy ending that real life doesn’t offer

The American sitcom has always been a bit more ambitious than its British counterpart You Want to Meet Frasier, Hang Out with the Friends While we’re more focused here on pointing out the flaws in people you recognize: They don’t strive to make time with Basil Fawlty or David Brent

But it’s still comforting to know that other people are working with these nightmares and both sides of the Atlantic get comedy from the familiar, the life we ​​wrestle with every day When we read to know that we are not alone let’s watch the sitcom to know it’s not just us

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