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It was by no means nice, but Canada advanced to the semi-finals with a strong win against the Czech Republic

In the third of four quarterfinal games, a ragged but inconsistent Czech Republic squad clashed with a strong Canadian team that hadn’t made the full step in the tournament, forcing them into a lineup from Canada without Alex Newhook for the game 12 strikers and eight defenders against the Czechs The Czechs were also without some of their regulars, Jaromir Pytlik and Michal Gut missing the game Devon Levi started for Canada while Nick Malik started for the Czech Republic

Canada came fresh into the game after beating the Finns 4-1, while the Czechs recovered after a blow from the Americans and beat Austria 7-0 to secure their place in the elimination rounds / p>

The Canadians came out strong right out of the gate, and Dylan Cozens pushed Nick Malik in the opening seconds and again at the first draw. It took the Czechs almost five minutes to get into the offensive zone and test Devon Levi, the gave up nothing on a ricochet in front of its net Even as the Czechs grew into the game and looked dangerous, it was Team Canada that got on the board first

A blocked shot turned into an outlier chance when Connor McMichael hit the puck and then fired a stretch pass for Dylan Cozens Cozens dangled before shooting at Malik. The Czech goalkeeper got most of the puck, but not enough to keep the puck from sliding in over the line behind him

ICED! @Dylan_Cozens flies down the ice and gives @HC_WJC a 1-0 lead! #WorldJuniors BildTwittercom / dZPFlfQ5i5

The Czechs didn’t help themselves when Adam Raska lined up Jakob Pelletier after the puck went off, resulting in an interference penalty.The Czechs managed to kill the penalty but still gave up a goal when Raska out Bowen entered the penalty area, Byram circled the area and looked for a shooting range When he found her, he fired a wrist shot, which Malik got some more of, but not enough to stop him from squeaking behind him for a Canadian lead of two goals

The Czechs settled in after the second goal, fought hard against the Canadians and put sustained pressure in the offensive zone.Both Pavel Novak and Jan Mysak looked great but couldn’t beat Levi and the teams left with two Goals in the first break against Canada

In the second phase, Canada seemed content with waiting for chances rather than pushing their way into the Czech defense as they circled the puck back to the point, moving it from a collapsing defensive wall in front of Nick Malik to varying degrees of success but they still hadn’t found another target.The Czechs couldn’t find their legs in their counter-strike style and were resigned solo rushes or stretch passes

That was the pace at the time, neither side really found a breakthrough in any of their attacks Canada almost scored another goal when Bowen Byram shot off the crossbar behind Malik while the best Czech chance of the time came when Michal Teply pushed a pass over the crease in a duel against Jan Mysak, however, Teply’s pass was a little behind Mysak and the Habs prospect could not take the faulty pass to get a chance. When all was said and done, Canada went into the second break, Still had a two-goal lead and seemed happy to go into the third half

While the second period didn’t seem to offer any real action, the third was the opposite. Connor McMichael penetrated Nick Malik but the Czech goalkeeper clung to refuse a third goal and the Czechs then pushed their offensive forward and tried to break the strong Canadian defense and Martin Lang tossed a pass in the slot, but his teammate couldn’t get enough of it to worry Devon Levi

The Canadians continued to keep the game under control, wearing down a Czech team that looked like they were running smoke in the third stage.After just over five minutes, the Czechs decided to drag Nick Malik for the extra attacker, and almost immediately Jan Mysak created a big chance His shot went past Devon Levi, off the end boards and straight to Adam Raska who failed to hit Levi’s pad against the post of the game The Canadians managed to get the puck out, but it was again Mysak who made an excellent game on the backcheck to deny them the chance to get the empty net marker

Kaiden Guhle managed to throw the puck out of the glass, Connor McMichael jumped on it, blew through the last defender and put it down lightly for the empty net goal and sealed the game for the Canadians as good as a late power game Brave the Czechs and set a date for the Canadians against the Russians in the semi-finals. A brave defense effort by the Czechs should also be commended This is something that team captain and Canadian Jan Mysak talked about in an interview with Eyes on the Prize this week

The three best Czech players chosen by their team at the end of the game were:

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World News – CA – 2021 World Juniors recap & highlights: Canada Progress despite strong defensive efforts by the Czechs

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