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The police in DC are prepared for further MAGA protests as the Proud Boys militia group has warned: “We will not back down””

American democracy was shaken yesterday when a crowd of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol as lawmakers met to confirm Joe Biden’s election victory

After the chaos that left four people dead, Washington police officers have issued parking restrictions on a number of streets ahead of the demonstrations expected today

And while no road closures have been imposed, officials say “there is potential for intermittent closures in the city center”

This comes as Trump-backing ranged combat group that the Proud Boys bragged yesterday about how they had lawmakers in “absolute terror”

Politicians were evacuated from Congress when the angry mob outside broke through the police barricade and stormed the building

A picture of the desk of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was posted on the Proler Boys’ Parler account – a Twitter-style social media platform – along with the message: “We will not back down.” / p>

They added, “They want you to feel alone But the truth is, you are not alone

And in a pledge for more violence, they posted: “Things will soon be difficult, but don’t lose heart

Back on Parler, the group posted a picture of the rioters claiming they would “liberate” the US

Amid the riot, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser ordered a curfew which lasted until 6 a.m. this morning

However, she also extended a public emergency order by 15 days, which means she can impose a curfew at any time until Joe Biden on Jan. January was inaugurated

Trump has been criticized for telling his supporters at a rally yesterday to march on the Capitol and not show “weakness” “

And it appears that leading up to the event, anger built up in some of the branding

On Twitter from 1 January 1480 posts from QAnon conspiracy reports related to Trump’s rally

The news contained evidence of violence, said a former intelligence officer who monitors extremists on social media

In a popular post on the TikTok video app, a man said that bringing guns to Washington is “the whole reason we go” ”

He said the force is generally preparing for much smaller groups according to rules designed to allow maximum freedom of expression

He accused Trump of instigating the uprising: “This is no longer just a protest. You crossed the border This is terrorism”

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World News – CA – MAGA protests planned for TODAY, as Proud Boys swear, “we will not back down”