Video celebrates 50th Anniversary of José Feliciano’s vacation classic “Feliz Navidad” and features a diverse list of over 30 superstar artists including José Feliciano, Jon Secada, Jason Mraz, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Big & Rich, Shaggy, Michael Bolton and many others >

Groundbreaking video recordings during a global COVID pandemic with cutting edge animations and special effects to create a virtual global recording studio that gives the illusion that every artist is recording in rooms side by side

LOS ANGELES, Dec Feb. 24, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Today Anthem Records released worldwide the music video for José Feliziano’s “Feliz Navidad 50th Anniversary (FN50),” the re-imagined re-recording of his bilingual classic “Feliz Navidad” “WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

The video was filmed by Helen Murphy and Kash Tahen and will be available initially this month exclusively for Amazon Unlimited members as part of a wider global 50 Feliz Navidad Partnership with Amazon Announced Earlier today the video had its public premiere on Good Morning America The music video continues the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Feliciano’s timeless holiday classic “Feliz Navidad”, the most famous, bilingual song of all time 30 artists and celebrities from around the world who have come together from afar to honor José and create this very special celebratory image

The list of performing artists in the “Feliz Navidad 50th Anniversary (FN50)” music video includes: José Feliciano, CNCO, Isabela Merced, Shaggy, Jon Secada, Jason Mraz, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Rachael Ray and Gloria Gaynor, Big & Rich, Michael Bolton, Los Temerarios, Emmanuel, Isabella Castillo, Jencarlos Canela, Pitingo, Patricia Manterola, Jesus Molina, La India, Julio Iglesias JrTony Carreira, Bertin Osborne, Pablo Montero, El Dasa, Nikki Vianna, Adam Irigoyen, Gord Bamford, Leo Dan, Frankie J, Sam Moore and Styx

Director Kash Tahen marked the first music video for “Feliz Navidad” in its 50-year history and brought together all the elements of the 50th anniversary celebration of “Feliz Navidad” with groundbreaking special effects and animation The COVID-19 era posed its own challenges, involved a lengthy and detailed planning process, with each of the 30 artists having to record their own audio and video from their respective home countries in their own studios. When the digital files were submitted, they became a meticulous process Subjected to analysis process and compiled by Helen Murphy and the Anthem Records team in consultation with FN50 music producer Rudy Perez to include in the video based on the singing and parts of the song, each artist sang in post-production, Tahen then created a virtual global Special effects studio to capture viewers from an S To transport studio space to another As an example, glass windows were used to create the illusion that artists like Shaggy and Jon Secada and Jason Mraz were recording in rooms next to each other.The visuals should allow the viewer to immerse themselves in a virtual recording studio and world-famous artists while together Watching singing and recording, which in turn fosters the unity that underlies the meaning of “Feliz Navidad” “The result is a groundbreaking, magical music video that has no trace of the time in which it was made and that sets a new standard for global productions with multiple artists sets

ABOUT “FELIZ NAVIDAD” “Feliz Navidad” was written and performed by José Feliciano and is one of the most popular and best-selling holiday songs of all time On December 19, 2020, “Feliz Navidad” reached number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time in its 50-year history. It is the most famous bilingual Christmas carol of all time and is recognized by ASCAP as “one of the 25 most played and recorded songs in the world” November 2020 Anthem Records released “Feliz Navidad 50th (FN50)”, produced as an Amazon Original by Grammy-winning producer Rudy Perez

ABOUT JOSÉ FELICIANO: José Feliciano is a popular singer / songwriter / guitarist and a nine-time GRAMMY Award winner, including a Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to music.The Puerto Rican-born artist is known for his many international hits, including his rendition from “Light My Fire”, “Che Sarà”, “La Copa Rota” and “Por Qué Te Tengo Que Olvidar?” The theme song “Chico and The Man” from the hit television show and its rendition of “California Dreamin,” which starred in Quentin Tarantino’s critically acclaimed “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” became one of the most streamed tracks on its soundtrack / p>

José’s most recent album, Behind This Guitar, released earlier this year on Anthem Records, combines his 60+ albums into an incredible discography, cementing José’s esteemed reputation with critics and fans alike. The Miami Herald noted songs like “I’m America “” suits Feliciano and each of the hundreds of songs he has recorded “; Guitar Player raved about the album, “It’s an energetic and soulful set of eight songs,” commented Billboard on its “authentic melodies,” and People Magazine aptly stated in an in-depth feature: “Once again he’s in the middle of a resurgence,” listen Check out Jose’s full album here, watch the video for his version of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” and his patriotic love letter to the U anS “I am America” ​​here

“2020 is a good year to give away a very generous unified gift and estate tax credit that is now available,” suggested one expert

American and Canadian governments offer many of the same types of retirement services, but the subtle differences between the two countries are worth noting

Take a deep breath, get ready, the New Year is just around the corner, and while we are all ready to celebrate – just on principle, because stepping out of 2020 is reason enough for joy – let’s go Also taking stock of where we are and where we are going, there is growing optimism fueled by the availability of COVID vaccines and the potential for a return to normal on the country’s main roads at last, a chance that the lockdown and social distancing regimes really and will end in the near future, there is a real chance that John Q By late 2021 the public can get back on their feet, combine this with the current ebullience of Wall Street as stock markets trade at or near their all-time highs and we see the prospect of a banner year of a return to grass roots level going to be great Dubravko Lakos-Bujas, chief strategist for US equities at JPMorgan, writes: “Equities are facing one of the best backdrops in years. The risks associated with global trade tensions, political uncertainty and the Pandemic will go away At the same time, liquidity conditions remain extremely favorable and the interest rate environment is extremely favorable. This is a goldilocks environment for risky assets. “Lakos-Bujas is not afraid to quantify his optimism. He is forecasting growth of up to 19 for the S&P 500 % and says that in early 2021 the index will be 4000 and later in the year up to 4JPM’s cadre of stock analysts turns Lakos-Bujas’ outlook into concrete recommendations and suggests three stocks that look particularly compelling.We ran the trio through the TipRanks database to see what other Wall Street analysts will do Sotera Health (SHC) Sotera Health occupies a unique niche in the healthcare industry and, through its subsidiaries, offers a range of safety-focused support companies for healthcare providers.These services include sterilization procedures, laboratory tests and advisory services – and their importance is immediately clear. Sotera ranks over 5800 customers of health care providers in more than 50 countries around the world While Sotera isn’t a new company – two of its branches have been in business since the 1930s and 40s – Sotera is new to the stock markets after only going public last November was considered successful, raising $ 1.2 billion on a sale of 536 million shares earlier this month, Sotera announced that it had used much of the IPO’s equity to repay $ 1 billion in existing debt, which included $ 341 million for a first-term loan and $ 770 million to issue senior secured notes. This move allowed Sotera to increase its revolving credit facility to $ 347 million. This facility is currently undrawn Among the cops is JPM analyst Tycho Peterson, the SHC as overweight Good rating (ie Buy) along with a one-year price target of $ 35 This number indicates an upward movement of 31% from current levels (To see Peterson’s track record, click here) “SHC is uniquely positioned to benefit from healthy end-market growth and favorable pricing momentum,” noted Peterson. “Given a diversified operating platform, sticky multi-year contracts, efficient pricing strategy, significant barriers to entry, and high level of oversight over regulators, we expect revenue growth of ~ 9%, with higher occupancy fueling further expansion [and] the robust FCF supporting the continued depreciation of leverage, so we can assess both the short- and longer-term outlook positively. “The Wall Street analyst corps is firm on this behind Peterson In fact, the seven most recent valuations are unanimous buys, making the analyst consensus a strong buy SHC is currently trading for $ 2675 and its $ 32 average target price of 50 implies an upward movement of 215% by the end of 2021 (See SHC stock analysis on TipRanks) Myovant Sciences (MYOV) Let’s stick with the healthcare industry and take a look at Myovant Sciences The clinical research biopharmaceutical company focuses on key issues related to diseases of the reproductive system in men and women, in particular, Myovant is working on developing therapies for uterine fibroids, Endometriosis and Prostate Cancer, Relugolix is ​​currently in the Myovant pipeline for the treatment of fibroids and endometriosis.The drug is in Phase 3 study for the latter and has submitted its NDA for the former, which is also in preparation and related to reproductive health In addition, this month, Myovant announced that Relugolix has received FDA approval under the brand name Orgovyx for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer, MVT-602, a new drug to improve egg maturation and aid in vitro fertilization.The drug is the first and the most popular Time’s only oral gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) receptor antagonist for the disease Orgovyx expected to launch in January 2021. Analyst Eric Joseph describes how impressed he is with Relugolix in his comment on this stock for JPM, “based on the clinical and commercial potential of lead asset Relugolix for the treatment of endometriosis and uterine fibroids as well as for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer in men, “The analyst added,” With regard to women’s health, we believe that all of the Phase 3 data to date is the US Approval for Uterine Fibroids and Endometriosis Decreased Likelihood of Relugolix – Commercial Opportunities Not Currently Being Considered We also see an attractive commercial buildup for Relugolix in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer as an oral LHRH alternative with a differentiated CV risk profile ” These comments under Support Joseph’s overweight (ie buy) rating on MYOV and target price of $ 30 imply an upward trend of 31% for the next 12 months (To see Joseph’s track record, click hereOverall, Strong Buy analysts’ consensus rating for Myovant is 5 ratings, and the breakdown is clear for the bulls: 4 to 1 in favor of buy versus hold stock costs $ 2280 share price and $ 36 average price target of 40 gives one robust upside potential of ~ 59% (see MYOV stock analysis on TipRanks) Metropolitan Bank Holding (MCB) For the third stock we are switching the track from healthcare to finance, where Metropolitan Bank Holding – through its subsidiary Metropolitan Commercial Bank – offers a full service -Bank serves business, entrepreneur and private customers in the mid-market segment The bank’s services include business loans, cash management, deposits, e-banking, personal checks and prepaid cards In a year that has been difficult for most of us MCB was able to achieve steadily increasing sales and solid profits. The bank’s sales rose from 33 million USD 36 million in the first quarter Third Quarter EPS was up $ 127 per share, up 30% year over year Profits come when the bank forecasts a forward forecast of $ 1539 million in total revenue for the next year, an increase of – if achieved While MCB’s financial performance has risen steadily, the stock’s appreciation has not followed suit, and the stock has only partially made up for losses suffered at the height of the corona crisis last winter and is currently down 26% this year, according to Analyst Steven Alexopoulos observes the New York banking scene from JPM and notes general difficulties in the commercial mortgage lending sector – an important part of MCB’s portfolio – due to the ongoing pandemic problems. In this environment, he sees Metropolitan Bank as the right choice. “We see the outlook for New York real estate not as bearish as most after many cycles NYC was the time to buy when the herd went the other way. In the past few cycles, MCB outperformed our credit metrics in terms of credit portfolio compared to our cover group, ”said AlexopoulosAlexopoulos explains another key strength of the credit portfolio from MCB: “In a low interest rate environment, MCB is better positioned than comparable companies to withstand the headwinds from NIM 59% of MCB’s loans are fixed-rate and 67% of the remaining floating-rate loans are flooring to protect against lower short-term interest rates… “For this purpose, Alexopoulos rates MCB as overweight (ie buy) along with a target price of $ 50. Should the target be achieved, Investors could see profits of 43% next year (To see Alexopoulos’ track record, click here) Some stocks are flying under the radar, and MCB is one of them. Alexopoulos’ is the only recent analyst rating for this company and is downright positive (See MCB stock analysis on TipRanks) To find great ideas for trading stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all the insights into TipRanks’ stocks. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the featured analyst Der Content is intended for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own research before making any investment

With an eye on the stock exchange until 2021, Christmas is finally here Some stock exchanges are closed today Here are the hours

Alibaba stock is an IBD long-term leader with excellent fundamentals But is that making China a buy right now?

This article explains what penny stocks are and discusses four penny stocks under $ 1 to watch small cap stocks move on to a hot season this winter. What are penny stocks? In short, these are stocks of companies that trade for less than $ 5 Penny stocks are known for their volatility, aside from their cheap price. Whether you’re looking at stocks under $ 1 or stocks under $ 5, it’s important to know some Things To Consider First, Understand What You Are Buying And Why You Are Buying Just Saying You Are Trading Penny Stocks Is Not The Purpose You Are In The Market To Make Money So identifying entry and exit targets is obvious Important In addition, there is a basic strategy to keep in mind. Are you considering trading penny stocks by the day or do you have a longer term idea? It’s also important to consider the fluctuations in price and how fast they are. Small cap stocks continue their hot phase. Why would anyone want to buy penny stocks now? In this case, small-cap stocks are hot right now. Take a look at the Russell 2000 (IWM) benchmark ETF While S&P, Dow, and even the Nasdaq are struggling to maintain an uptrend, the IWM just hit new highs on Wednesday Given the strength of small-cap stocks – especially stocks below $ 1 – it’s wise to have at least some trend names on yours When looking for penny stocks to buy, make sure you value each trade independently and plan accordingly.Most would not plan on investing in penny stocks that go up and down 50% in seconds.In addition, day traders would normally Don’t jump into a stock whose price barely fluctuates As a rule of thumb, the lower the price, the higher the volatility.This is simply because a small price move equals a larger percentage change.In that sense, one of those penny stocks is currently up below $ 1 Your watchlist? Tonix Pharmaceuticals Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp (NASDAQ: TNXP) is another sub-$ 1 penny stock gaining traction before the end of the year. This week the company announced that it has completed the purchase of approximately 44 acres in Montana that will be the site for the development and manufacture of Being vaccines, this also adds to the company’s growing presence. A few months ago, Tonix also bought a 402,000 square foot Massachusetts facility These two facilities will support the development and manufacturing of the company’s vaccine candidates. If you’re new to TNXP stock history, the company is currently developing TNX-1800 as a potential COVID-19 vaccine and TNX-801 as a potential COVID-19 vaccine Smallpox / monkey pox vaccine, in particular, the TNX-1800 has been the center of attention as you can imagine, many coronavirus vaccine stocks have piqued interest in the past few months, in which case Tonix is ​​keen to report efficacy data from animal testing of the vaccine candidate in the next quarter Biolase Biolase Inc (NASDAQ: BIOL) is another of the cheaper penny stocks that are moving at year-end this week alone, the penny stock has risen from around $ 0.27 to over $ 0.31 While this is only a $ 004 move, that equates to one Price jump of almost 15% since Monday In contrast to other biotech products, Bi is concentrated olase mainly focuses on oral health products The company’s main products are dental laser systems that perform a wide range of procedures, including cosmetic and complex surgical applications. Last month, the company launched the Waterlase Endo Academy to provide training and best practices for integrating the Waterlase Advancing Technology in Clinical Environments “As endodontists continue to seek more advanced solutions to challenging cases, the Academy will serve as a resource for some of the greatest minds in the field to help promote the diffusion of best practices for integrating advanced technologies such as the Waterlase,” said Todd Norbe, President and CEO of BiolaseJaguar Health Inc (NASDAQ: JAGX) rose further this week On Wednesday, the Penny Stock continued to expand its earnings in December, reaching highs of over USD 0.90 While we’ve been reporting on the company for weeks, the bigger move comes this week after Jaguar’s latest update, Das Company Signed Agreement on Non-Dilutive License Financing Transaction Jaguar will sell a royalty on future royalties on its Mytesi® (Crofelemer) and Lechlemer for a total purchase price of $ 6 million Lisa Conte, President and CEO of Jaguar, stated: “The timing of this transaction is right well in line with progress on the recently initiated phase 3 pivotal trial for CTD, for which patient recruitment is advancing. “Also, remember that the company had preliminary discussions with the Swiss Growth Forum, a sponsor of the European acquisition company” Post Pandemic Recovery Equity ” There is a potential contract with the SPAC and an operating subsidiary of Jaguar to be formed in Europe with an exclusive license to Crofelemer and Mytesi for the indications of inflammatory diarrhea and HIV-related diarrhea Senseonics Holdings Inc (NYSE: SENS) skyrocketed after a capital U this week Patent Gain Senseonics Received a Patent titled “Remote Multi-Detection Detection System” “Given that the company is a medical device company, patent profits come in very handy. Senseonics’ implantable glucose monitoring systems are used by diabetes patients The CGM systems of the Company, Eversense® and Eversense® XL, contain a small sensor that is inserted under the skin that communicates with a smart transmitter that is worn over the sensor.The data is then sent to a mobile app on the user’s smartphone every five minutes In addition to the reasons for seeing Senseonics, earlier this year the company partnered with Ascensia Diabetes Care, a global diabetes care company, and some things are following the dealers in early 2021. One of those things is to start commercial operations outside of the US with Help from Ascensia The company is also awaiting a decision on its Eversense product to be approved by the FDA in the first half of the yearNeither the author nor Pennystockscom have any position or financial relationship in any of the above stocksMore information from Benzinga * Click here for option trades from Benzinga * 6 Alternative Energy Stocks To Watch For As Renewable Energy Warms Up In Q1 2021 (C) 2020 Benzingacom Benzinga Does Not Offer Investment Advice All Rights Reserved

Shares in Alibaba Group Holding Ltd fell to its lowest level in nearly six months on Thursday after Chinese regulators launched an antitrust investigation into the e-commerce giant

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Owning a home may be the epitome of the American dream, but it’s not set in stone! So if you have toyed with the idea of ​​giving up home ownership then definitely do it Given that home ownership is perceived as a hallmark of wealth, giving up home ownership will create a lot of controversy and people in your circle might even criticize But Regardless of what the larger population thinks, there are good reasons never to buy a home. Homeownership Costs Are Lifelong. Proponents of home ownership often argue that paying rent is expensive, but home ownership is just as expensive, but the cost of home ownership doesn’t end with that initial payment comes with lifelong costs that, compared to renting, put a strain on your finances and take away your security.For example, utility bills such as electricity and water are inevitable and have to be paid every month, according to Zillow, these bills alone cost homeowners between $ 2300 and 4$ 600 per year Add in recurring costs like insulation, heating and cooling maintenance costs, homeowner insurance, property taxes, HOA fees, mortgage payments, and yard maintenance, and chances are you’ll be spending more money annually than a renter, who lives in a house similar to yours. In addition, there is no opt-out.Once you buy a house, you commit to these costs unless you decide to sell it. However, if you rent or rent a house, you can unsubscribe at any time In difficult times, for example, you can always switch to income-based housing until you are back on your feet A house is not a real estate investment Pro-home people will try to convince you that your house is an investment, even though this is Some truth is, buying a home for your primary residence is not the same thing as buying a home to rent or e.g. to resell Why? Well, buying a home for real estate will bring you a return on investment, buying and renting or renting a condo, for example, will give you a return on investment at least every month or every six months based on the terms of your agreement with your tenant but when When you buy a home to live in, you’ve invested, but you’re getting no return, if anything, you are the one who puts money through maintenance, mortgage payments, and all of the other expenses mentioned above, plus a home can never be an investment, though You don’t plan to sell it at any point in time What makes an investment an investment is your control over its property. In other words, a real estate investment is called because you can buy it when its value is low and sell it can if the value is high to make a profit but your primary residence is different, since you can’t just wake up one morning and decide to sell it unless you are struggling with cash, which in most cases means that you will accept any offer that leads to a loss.When you sign this sales contract, yours will be Money is automatically locked and the only way to get it back is by selling it or taking out a home equity loan, renting or leasing, freeing up your money so you can invest in opportunities that will add to your wealth, sure you could argue that rent is expensive but this is not a good reason to buy a home as there are plenty of modern, well-equipped, low-income apartments to help keep costs down. Home values ​​are not always high. It is true that a home gets with time Gains in Value Due to inflation, a house that costs 100000 USD was bought, now over 600Worth $ 000 This means that the sale will bring you good profits, but be aware that the property market is incredibly volatile, your home’s value could be high now, then it could fall sharply due to a property market crash and / or other external factors during the great financial recession For example, in 2007-2009 property market values ​​fell sharply, causing massive losses among sellers. Existing listing values ​​fell from $ 71 million to $ 41 million, a 25% drop in the value of homes sold during that period To do home ownership? Well, you can buy a home that is expecting an increase in value but instead find that its value is incredibly low when you urgently need to sell it. The result? You end up selling it at a loss Note that some factors are beyond your control For example, the real estate market may not crash, but other components like increased crime will cause the value of houses in the neighborhood you bought your home to drop Event makes it almost, if not impossible, to find a buyer willing to get it off your hands even for a price, in other words unless you have a magic crystal ball there is no telling what next with you the general or your local real estate market, so if you are buying a home now in the hopes that its value will increase in the future, it is better not to buy a home as you could potentially be massively disappointed in owning a home tying you up If you are not rich and can afford to buy a home in different parts of the country, home ownership is binding on you to a place If you get a fantastic job or entrepreneurship opportunity, you can’t just pack up and go first, you have to get your home on the market and find a broker to help you sell, you have to worry about market values ​​too, and there If you are in a hurry to get to your next location, you will likely sell it to the first buyer as you won’t have time to wait for better deals.But when you rent, all you have to do is pack and go even if you don’t move, Buying a home automatically means that you will have to deal with the community around you for the rest of your life, especially if you don’t plan on selling it. Even if you don’t like your neighbors, you have no choice but to learn Resigning To Them When you rent and don’t like your neighbors, the opportunity to walk away is always feasible. Home ownership isn’t everyone Man’s Thing Not Everyone Is Home Owners It comes with responsibilities that some people just don’t mind when buying a home, especially in a HOA community, making sure the yard is well maintained, cleaning gutters Regularly repainting your exterior and doing similar tasks Not everyone is fit for this level of responsibility, and if this describes you, then never buying a home Home Ownership Doesn’t Define You Owning that modern home is great, but you can still enjoy living in it without having to deal with the stress of property ownership through simple leasing. Home ownership in no way defines your success. So if you have never wanted a house, don’t buy it because your colleagues own several houses. Home ownership leaves little to be desired openMore information from Benzinga * Click here for option trades v on Benzinga * Amazon opens three facilities in San Antonio * The psychology behind the M1 Finance platform and its focus on financial wellbeing (C) 2020 Benzingacom Benzinga does not offer investment advice All rights reserved

Apple has been an American success story on several occasions with Mac, iPod, iPhone and other inventions. But is Apple stock now a buy? This is shown by the stock charts and profits

A Wall Street company brutally shut down the soaring streaming video service FuboTV on Thursday. FUBO shares fell on the negative report FuboTV went public in October

The environment for these companies is not only friendlier at the federal level, but also far friendlier at the corporate and investment level

Elon Musk is CEO of several companies.While his main focus areas are SpaceX and Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA), he’s also CEO of Neuralink and The Boring Company, all of these companies have a desire to resolve issues with which People are facing, or will soon be facing, and that everyone is looking forward to a brighter future While Tesla is public, the other privately owned companies remain SpaceX has been talking about outsourcing Starlink to an IPO Starlink is currently rolling out a satellite internet solution that will use the internet for Rural customers or customers out of the reach of land-based Internet connections The Boring Company is trying to dig underground tunnels to reduce traffic congestion When Tesla investor Dave Lee Musk suggested creating a holding company called X to act as the parent company for the many businesses of Musk should act , Musk seemed intrigued> Good idea >> – Elon Musk (@elonmusk) 23 December 2020Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: togetL) is a similar setup Back in 2015, Google was restructured and Alphabet became the parent company along with other Google subsidiariesPhoto courtesy of Daniel Oberhaus via WikimediaSee more from Benzinga * Click here for Benzinga option deals * Check out this teaser video from Ford of an electric F-150 playing with Mustang Mach E in the snow * Apple Aims to Produce Electric Vehicle by 2024: Report (C. ) 2020 Benzingacom Benzinga does not offer investment advice All rights reserved

These are the top dividend stocks in the Russell 1000 with the highest forward dividend yield in January

Tech stocks, as well as banking, aerospace, retail and many other sectors have all had “their day in the sun” and now it is time for investors to pay more attention to a “dream market” of alternative fuel companies to Jim Cramer Hydrogen Power: Top of the list are potential future energy giants like Plug Power Inc (NASDAQ: PLUG), Cramer said Tuesday on Mad Money. “The hydrogen fuel cell company increased its shares by more than 1 in 2020Soaring 000% Bloom Energy Corp (NYSE: BE), a hydrogen cell company, is up 300% while Ballard Power Systems Inc (NASDAQ: BLDP) is up 200% EV Play: Self-driving electric vehicles are with no companies doing the Making the technology that powers the cars is not possible Luminar Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: LAZR) is a manufacturer of laser-based sensors and competes against Velodyne Lidar Inc (NASDAQ: VLDR)EV Vehicles Need Access To Charging Stations At the top of this market is Blink Charging Co (NASDAQ: BLNK), whose stock rose from a 52-week low of $ 125 to a high of $ 4870 in 2020, ending up with Cramer’s top -Wahl, Quantumscape Corp (NYSE: QS), maker of a lighter, faster rechargeable battery for electric vehiclesRelated link: Attention Elon Musk These EV startups are trying to acquire TeslaRare Earth Minerals: The rare earth minerals company Mp Materials Corp (NYSE: MP) is a US.-based company with “Hammerlock” in magnets for electric motors, said Cramer Why the interest: These “alternative energies bordering companies” have know-how in unique technologies that used to be “too expensive” but are now much cheaper to produce. Cramer said the group is also benefiting from a potential catalyst for a Joe Biden government that is more supportive of alternative energy, Cramer saidMore from Benzinga * Click here for Benzinga option deals * Ripple, XRP and The SEC: What You Need to Know * Corona Beer Sales Reportedly Unfortunate Name Association (C) 2020 Benzingacom Benzinga Does Not Offer Investment Advice All Rights Reserved

Insiders are an interesting crowd From an investor’s point of view, corporate officers have access to information – and information has always been key to investing successfully. Company CEOs, officers, board members – these are insider positions, executives who know what Happening or likely to happen to a company and its stocks, and yes, they do trade in their company’s stocks. They are privy to the ins and outs of their companies, and that knowledge puts them in a far better position than the general public to make purchase decisions for their own company stocks To keep the market competitive, federal regulators require that executives – the insiders – publicly disclose their trades with the companies they manage In short, following the insiders of companies is a viable path to profitable A. To make this search easier, you can get started right away using TipRanks Insiders’ Hot Stocks tool It identifies stocks where insiders have taken informative steps, highlighting some common strategies used by insiders, and gathering the data in one place. Fresh from that database, here are the details of three Strong Buy stocks that have been “informative” in the past few days Vistra Energy (VST) First Insider Pick, Vistra Energy, is a Texas-based utility company. Vistra offers a wide range of power services, including power generation, transmission and distribution. The company is of course a major industry to be in The ongoing corona crisis, and Vistra’s sales quickly rebounded from a modest decline in the second quarter.This recovery was substantial. Third-quarter sales were $ 3.55 billion, 40% more than the second quarter and 11% more than in the Quarter of the previous year The company’s earnings were level with 90 cents per share Otherwise solid and the best in over two years Two of Vistra’s senior executives recently made insider stock purchases – President and CFO James Burke and board member Scott Helm Burke bought 17000 shares for which he has over 310For his part, Helm paid over $ 356$ 000 for two blocks of 10 each000 shares backers include BMO analyst James Thalacker, who rates VST as outperforming (ie buying) along with a price target of $ 29, which indicates an upward trend of 57% for a year (To see Thalacker’s track record , click here) Taking note of the company’s solid Q3 performance and potential for a strong year-end, Thalacker notes, “We attribute the strong generation performance to a more favorable hedging environment last summer when the company closed its 2020 hedging deals We also suspect that after a very mild summer in ERCOT, VST had the opportunity to optimize its generation portfolio by operating fewer of its own power plants with higher heating rates and purchasing electricity on the spot market. “The analyst added:” We are maintaining our 3 dollar estimate of 590 billion (already in the top half) while we wait to see how power ratios play out over the next few weeks Overall, Vistra Energy has a strong buy rating from analyst consensus based on 6 recent ratings that are 5 to 1 buy vs. Halt The stock is priced at $ 18, the share price of 47 and the average price target of $ 29 make the uptrend ~ 57%, matching Thalacker’s for the coming year (see VST stock analysis on TipRanks) Grid Dynamics Holdings (GDYN) next Grid Dynamics is a high-tech company providing digital transformation services. Grid’s services include solving the problems associated with replatforming legacy devices, technology development and moving to the cloud.The company has a global customer base and is headquartered in Silicon ValleyGrid was added to the NASDAQ index in March of this year through a merger with a special purpose vehicle, ChaSerg Technology Acquisition Corporation. When the transaction was completed, Grid had a market cap of $ 660 million and the stock fell in the early days of its trading strong, what with the then effects of COVID on the economy and d The stock markets have since collapsed, GDYN shares have rallied, and stocks are up more than 120% from their March lows, but the corona hit is still being felt for Grid while third-quarter sales increased 18% sequentially from second quarter Revenue was $ 26.33 million was still lower than the first quarter The company saw strong revenue growth in the non-retail and technology industries The notable insider move here comes from Victoria Livshitz, EVP of Customer Success, last week 126She bought $ 148 million on the block of shares and now has a stake in GDYN worth $ 1065 millionJoseph Vafi of Canaccord is impressed with the prospects of Grid, the 5-star analyst noted, “We believe that Grid customer set will be more robust and fast-growing compared to prepandemic, fueled by the high spending on digital transformation by healthy and growing customers in TMT and CPG Risk-free retail maintains its attractive option value but is no longer supported by exposure to To this end, Vafi rates GDYN with a buy and a target price of $ 15 at current levels, its target implies a 12-month upside potential of 21% (To see Vafi’s track record, click You here) Poll says Wall Street Agrees A total of four out of four reviews published in the past few weeks say GDYN is a strong buy, but the stock is priced at $ 12, but the average target price of 75 suggests a modest 3% move higher and a change from the current share price (See GYDN stock analysis on TipRanks) Arvinas Holding Company (ARVN) Moving from high tech to biotechnology, where Arvinas is an innovator in biopharmaceuticals, the company is working on protein degradation therapeutics, a new class of drugs targeting disease-related proteins And use the body’s own natural protein disposal systems to break down and remove problematic proteins.As with most research-based biopharma companies, Arvinas is all about the pipeline, the pipeline here is in the early stages, but robust and includes no less than 13 programs in the fields Oncology, Immuno-Oncology, and Neuroscience drug candidates under development are at various stages of early research, from exploratory to Phase 1 clinical trials, and in recent days, ARVN shares have more than doubled their share price after the jump came after the company published clinical data demonstrating the potential effectiveness of two pipeline drugs ARV-471, used to treat patients with locally advanced or metastatic ER / HER2 breast cancer, and ARV-110, used to treat men with metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer.Also in the past few days, Arvinas announced pricing for a new issue of common stock that will issue 5,714 million shares the market at $ 70 each to raise $ 400 million in new capital, and that brings us to insider trading. Board member Liam Ratcliffe spent $ 9 million to $ 142857 shares during new common stock offering. His total stake in ARVN is now $ 5846 million. In a note from Roth Capital, 5-star analyst Zegbeh Jallah writes: “We like management’s overview of key next steps that we believe highlight, like Arvinas plans to develop [ARV-110 and ARV-471] to add and grow in value The early-stage pipeline … The company’s robust preclinical pipeline is a nice addition to its strong lead clinical candidates. Jallah gives the stock a Buy rating and price target of $ 120 implies a strong 50% uptrend for a year (To view Jallah’s track record, click hereIt is not often that all analysts agree on a stock If that happens, take note of ARVN’s Strong Buy consensus rating based on a unanimous 9 purchases, the stock costs $ 102, with the average target price of 44 suggesting 28% growth is imminent in the coming year, with stocks currently trading at 79 USD traded74 (See ARVN stock analysis on TipRanks) To find great ideas for trading stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all the insights into TipRanks’ stocks. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the featured analysts The Content is intended for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own research before making any investment

The $ 900 billion coronavirus relief deal includes six tax breaks for Americans
A further three tax benefits are listed in the government expenditure account enclosed in the package

Feliz Navidad

World News – CA – The official music video for the revised “Feliz Navidad 50th Anniversary (FN50)” is released worldwide today via Anthem Records