On Tuesday, PBS Kids announced that the network would no longer broadcast the French-Canadian cartoon “Caillou”

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Based on the series of books published in 1989, “Caillou” follows the adventures of a resourceful four-year-old who enlivens his normal daily experiences with dreams of planes, missiles, and more

The series premiered in 1997 and produced five seasons of episodes between then and 2010 and continued to be re-aired on various children’s networks, including PBS Kids in the US.

Although “Caillou” has aired for over two decades and apparently attracts a devoted child audience, it has long been despised by parents and others who celebrated the news of the show’s cancellation on PBS Kids

Getting canceled Caillou is sad because we can’t make fun of that bald headed ass bitch pic anymoreTwittercom / pxLoqlTa2T

Feedback on the news has been generally positive, showing how much people, including the target audience’s parents, have never been fans of Caillou’s stance on the series ImageTwittercom / 66VIiFhdnN

In a 2017 article, HuffPo looked at the notoriously divisive cartoon character, with parents criticizing everything from the background design on the show to its annoying theme song, complicated story structure, and “nightmarish” color scheme


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