A divorce between Melania and Donald Trump could be only a few months away, according to predictions of several clairvoyants from 2021

A PsychicWorldcom panel has come up with a number of predictions for the New Year, claiming Melania will attempt to divorce her husband “before US summer” while another psychic and numerologist is simultaneously “upheaval” in the Trump budget predicts

“Although she will date another prominent business figure before the end of the year, she will be private on the matter”

When it comes to her husband Donald Trump, he is a twin and after he leaves the presidential office he will “probably be silent for two months”

“He will then rise and be a great driving force in the world – bigger and more influential than he as president,” the panel continues

“He will also be working on a comprehensive book about his life in the White House, revealing some dirty behind the scenes secrets

“Having experienced many negative media campaigns during his time as president, he will not be afraid to call out certain people for their corrupt ways

“What he has to say and what he reveals will shock and terrify the political and business world”

Prior to the election, another psychic and numerologist had a similar prediction, telling Yahoo Lifestyle that she had seen some “upheaval” in the Trump household

Sarah Yip aka The Numbers Queen creates charts based on the sum of a person’s date of birth. She said Trump is in a 3-4 year graduation phase and “his numbers also indicate changes in his personal life (peak March-April -May 2021) due to his 6-year personal year “

“Melania and Barron Trump also have upheavals on their charts during this period,” said Sarah

Former White House aides had claimed Melania was “counting the minutes to divorce” after Donald Trump lost the US presidential election in November 2020

“Melania counts every minute until he’s out of office and she can get a divorce,” wrote Omarosa Manigault Newman in her book “Unhinged”

Omarosa first met Trump when she appeared on The Apprentice in 2007 and became Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison

“If Melania tried to pull the ultimate humiliation and leave while in office, he would find a way to punish her,” she added

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