Alan Zucker’s sister died of Covid two weeks after the brother of the apprentice host died of the disease

The 73-year-old businessman paid tribute to his eldest sister, Shirley Regal, on social media, saying she died on Monday at the age of 88

“She’s been sick for a while, but I think Covid eventually got her to join our brother Derek who passed away two weeks ago RIP SHIRL,” he wrote on Twitter On Instagram, he added: ” I think another victim of Covid ”

On 15 December, Lord Sugar announced that his brother had died after contracting coronavirus, describing it as “a sad day for all of us in the family”

He tweeted, “Today I lost my long-suffering brother Derek, another victim of Covid that contributed to his underlying health problems

“He was a lifelong, passionate Spurs supporter. I never forget my sister-in-law jokes with me and thanks me for buying him the club”

In September, Sugar condemned “unfair” criticism of the government’s handling of the pandemic, saying Chancellor Rishi Sunak had “done a good job” under the circumstances

“I think the Chancellor has done very well in general and I say this as someone who isn’t exactly a supporter of the government,” he told PA Media. “There have been a lot of people who said how expensive it is it was, and gave them stick, but I think that’s unfair to be honest ”

However, he said the government should require office workers to return to work to “support the city [of London], support the economy”

“The city is suffering because there are no workers there Until they really push to get more people there, it will continue to look like a ghost town ”

This year’s series from The Apprentice, in which Sugar evaluates hopeful entrepreneurs facing business challenges, has been postponed by the BBC due to Covid-19

“We can’t send people to assignments around the world or take to the streets to sell items. It’s really unfortunate, but it had to happen,” he said at the time

Alan Sugar

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