Posted: 16:27 GMT, 20 February 2021 | Updated: 5:22 PM GMT, Jan. February 2021

Bayern Munich’s unbeaten nine-game run came to a shivering halt when Eintracht Frankfurt beat the Bundesliga leaders 2-1

Impressive goals from Daichi Kamada and Amin Younes in the first half gave Adi Hutter an advantage they deserved after a brilliant and courageous performance against the champions

Robert Lewandowski withdrew a goal for the German champions – his 26th Ligator in 21 games – but the defeat for Bayern now opens a Bundesliga title race with four teams

Hansi Flick’s champions fought from the start and dropped back early to get Daichi Kamada’s cool finish which ended a brilliant Frankfurt team move that included Filip’s Kostic’s Low Cross

The hosts continued to run Bayern in the opening exchanges when Jerome Boateng cleared from the line, while Frankfurt’s Amin Younes tried a long shot from his own half, which ricocheted off the Bayern goalkeeper’s post

But Younes managed to double Frankfurt’s lead later in the half when the German playmaker shot a brilliant shot past Neuer and from the penalty area into the top corner

Hansi Flicks (right) Bayern can only have two points ahead on Sunday

Flick’s side was another side after the break and pulled one back through Robert Lewandowski’s tap-in, but Frankfurt held up the three points well

The result is Bavaria’s second slip this week after the success of the Club World Cup – when Flick’s team scored a 3-3 draw with Arminia Bielefeld on Monday

RB Leipzig can now be two points behind Bayern when they win against Hertha Berlin on Sunday, while Frankfurt is now seven points behind the champions in third place

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