Strictly Come Dancing pro Kristina Rihanoff has shared her sadness over the death of Caroline Flack.The dancer was close friends with the Love Island star

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when Love Island is back

Kristina Rihanoff told of her ongoing agony as buddy Caroline Flack’s death date approached and said, “I should have reported, I feel so guilty”

The former Strictly Come Dancing pro got close to Caroline in the 2014 series and eventually won with the dance pro Pasha Kovalev

The couple even met in Los Angeles, where Kristina took a picture of them together, which she still treasures to this day

Kristina, 43, says, “During Strictly, she had a lot of trouble getting out of a relationship and so on

“She had a few wobbly movements on tour and didn’t want to perform, so we knew there was a lot of things going on with her emotional state

“But then she said,” I’m in a better place, I’m focusing on new things “and I said to her,” I’m really happy for you ’”

She says, “I still have this picture and she seems fine. But we’re all very good at hiding our worries”

When Caroline’s death, Kristina felt guilty for not doing more to help her friend

She said, “Maybe it wouldn’t make a difference, but looking back I think maybe I should have gotten in touch and I was really sad about it. It didn’t leave my head for long”

Kristina, who has a daughter, Milena, with rugby star Ben Cohen, whom she first met at Strictly, is now a qualified yoga teacher

She and Ben had to close their Soo Yoga yoga studio in Northampton, which opened in June 2019.She went online during the pandemic but says she has had no income for ten months

“We haven’t had an income for 10 months. It’s really difficult, but we have been very focused on how we can help our members and customers We continued the online classes as much as possible, ”she says

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