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DANCING On Ice runner-up Chris Fountain has revealed his devastation after being “cursed” on last night’s best Bits show

ITV put the compilation episode together after the competition was postponed for a week due to injuries and coronavirus

Wait a minute I’m sure I’ve been on that @Dancingonice show? Was I? I am sure it was me ?! Must have been a dream 💭😂⛸ #DancingOnIce

Chris, who was watching at home in 2008, was disappointed not to see some of his memorable routines

He wrote on Twitter: “Wait a minute I’m sure I was on that @Dancingonice show? Was it? I’m sure it was me ?! Must have been a dream”

The former Coronation Street star and Hollyoaks put the hilarious post aside and then went into more detail about his feelings and what the show meant to him

“I kind of expected it but can’t say I wasn’t disappointed as I gave this show a hell of a lot,” said Chris. “I finished second with my partner Frankie in 2008 and then continued to have two UK Tour of the live show won “

Except to see dancing on ice tonight, had so many great memories and sadly couldn’t see any !! I think they have tons of footage for 2 hours !!! Always have the amazing memories! Good to see tonight were some amazing skaters

He continued, “I’ve always tried to delight audiences with my routines As the first celebrity I tried an axis, lifted like Flambo, Wraparound and Helicopter and tuned my scratch spin, which even after 12 years hadn’t been achieved

“My routines don’t have to be on the ‘Bet Bits’ show to remind me of what I’ve accomplished, but it would have been nice to see and remember!”

Chris was fired from Coronation Street in 2013 after The Sun exposed him as a masked rapper who boasted of raping a woman under the guise of his alter ego The Phantom in a disgusting YouTube video >

He said the videos were made a year earlier when he was “experimenting” with music

At the time, the actor apologized, saying he was deeply ashamed of the lyrics and regretted his behavior

Jake Quickenden won the series in 2018 and was another previous contestant who was upset about the lack of airtime

He tweeted, “Except for seeing me dancing on ice tonight, had so many great memories and sadly couldn’t see any !! I think they have tons of footage that fits in 2 hours !!! Always the amazing memories Good to see tonight were some amazing skaters “

Viewers enjoyed watching golden moments from the archives, but some craved for more of their favorite celebs like Chris, Jake, Ian ‘H’ Watkins, Jorgie Porter and Max Evans

One wrote, “They only seemed to focus in detail on a few winners, Hayley, Gaynor, Suzanne, Ray and James Joe was ignored as well as Matt, Jake, Beth and Kieran “

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Chris Fountain

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