In much of the south east of England the rules are not being relaxed at all, and the rest of England, Scotland and Wales will see you relaxed just for Christmas Day

“I spent the last two Christmas in the hospital. I have a small family. As usual, we had planned a quiet Christmas party – just me, my two sons, my mother and my sister

“They are all careful not to mingle the week before I only see my sister two or three times a year, so this Christmas is important”

While she can still see her mother and two sons, Lesley says this may have been her last chance to spend Christmas with her sister

“I can’t say no matter there is always next year” because maybe there is nothing for me

“I have no idea when I’ll see my sister again. She was in my Christmas bubble

“She lives in a Tier 4 area and is on her own. She has been isolated for a week, so there is no risk at all

“I understand what the government is doing to stop the virus, but sure they need to make exceptions?”

Like many others who have reached out to the BBC, Lawrence in North London wanted to express his frustration that the announcement came without a major announcement

He should be on 23 Marry December but prepare for the registry office and inform him that it cannot go any further due to Tier 4 restrictions

“My wedding is in the air,” he said. “I’ve emailed the registry office in north London waiting for what they say

“I’ll be upset, but it won’t be the end of the world because it will eventually take place

“The wedding that doesn’t happen is going to get us around £ 500-600 out of pocket It’s not the expense, it’s the inconvenience of not having it the day we want it

“I wish the announcement was sooner It will affect a lot of people It will affect the lonely and the vulnerable – they won’t see anyone this Christmas And what it will do for people’s mental health is a different matter

Jonathan Barnes, 40, in Suffolk, faces the prospect of Christmas alone after the Welsh lockdown announcement

“I am married with two young children,” he said, “Our parents live in Pembrokeshire and we live in Suffolk

“My wife’s mother has a very short time to live, so they went to Wales before me to spend some quality time with her

“I was planning to join on the Wednesday after work for the five days over Christmas The new lock in Wales means I shouldn’t join my family and instead be stuck at home alone in the second stage”

His mother-in-law has terminal cancer. And while he says he wants to see her, he thinks it is important to “play it safe”

“The immediate announcement of a Welsh ban gives no one time to plan The government should not originally have announced the relaxation of the rules over Christmas

“If they had said Christmas was closed, people would have adjusted early on. I am disappointed to be spending Christmas alone, but I understand the reasons”

Covid: What are the new levels and lockdown rules in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

The loosening of the mixing rules will be cut from five days to Christmas Day in England, Scotland and Wales – and will be completely abolished for much of the south-east of England

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Covid: What are the new levels and lockdown rules in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? 5

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