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The Sky Sports expert announced on Saturday, soccer, that his wife Kate will give birth to his eighth child

Viewers believed that the former Arsenal hero wanted to leave the studio at halftime to be at birth

Merson shared the news in the first half as he kept fans updated on his personal life as well as the Norwich-Barnsley game

And then, after a commercial break, Stelling told viewers that Merson was rushing to give birth

But it turns out it wasn’t true, as Merson really had just gone to the bathroom instead of running to the hospital

Merson was the only regular player who survived the football Saturday changeover this season This is its popularity with fans of the show

Fans were impressed with how openly Merson spoke about his struggles with his gambling and cocaine addiction and mental health

How old is Paul Merson, who is his wife and is part of Harry’s heroes?

At 52, Paul Merson will again be father of the eighth child when his wife is about to give birth

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Paul Merson

World news – GB – Paul Merson becomes a father again at the age of 52 to give birth to his eighth child as a wife