It opened on Friday evening and promised 1 km (0) 6 mile) of sparkling light path through the grounds of Taverham Hall near Norwich

The event’s Facebook page was later flooded with complaints of traffic chaos, “creepy” performers terrifying kids, and “Poundland” gifts

People commented on social media reported standing in line for up to three hours in rush hour traffic after purchasing tickets for a time slot

Many turned away with tired, upset children, and one parent said, “Would have got to the North Pole faster”

Some of those who made it into the house were unhappy with what has been called “huge amounts of festive magic”

A “scary” Scrooge-like character caused a mother to post a warning on a parenting page after her child had nightmares

Ms. Purdy, who was there with her two- and five-year-old nephews and her three-year-old son, said the whole thing was weirdly horrible

“We wanted the sparkle, the magic of Christmas, but I actually started laughing because I couldn’t understand how much rubbish it was

“Scrooge called all of us mutants, said Santa Claus broke his sleigh and the presents are in the mud, and there was a man in chains by a tree just staring at the car

“The light tunnel at the end wasn’t even turned on and Santa Claus couldn’t be less interested”

Another parent said, “The gifts were rubbish, not even wrapped, just in brown paper bags, and they were things that were likely bought in Poundland”

Norwich’s Kerry Prentice, who paid £ 68 for three tickets, told BBC Radio Norfolk that she left after 90 minutes after being told she would probably have to wait an additional two hours

“We wanted something really nice as a family, but it was horrific and we didn’t get a response from the organizers”

We Make Events has yet to respond to complaints, but has released a statement asking visitors to adjust their route “to ease traffic concerns”

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The loosening of the mixing rules will be cut from five days to Christmas Day in England, Scotland and Wales – and will be completely abolished for much of the south-east of England

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