The real couple Nasir and Esther Ahmed are recognized in the latest episode of This Is Us, in which the Pearson’s use technology to stay connected

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 5, Episode 8 of This Is Us, “In The Room,” which aired on NBC on Tuesday

The latest installment of “This Is Us,” Season 5, Episode 8, “In The Room,” begins in an unexpected way with a look back at 1963 that doesn’t include a member of the Pearson family instead, the episode takes itself Time to Light Up Nasir and Esther Ahmed In the 1970s, Nasir was part of the team that developed the discrete cosine transform that became the foundation of modern video chat technology.The Ahmeds are real people who were included in the episode around the Acknowledge the importance of this invention, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic

The opening scene of the episode before the title sequence describes the moment when Nasir meets Esther in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The two are at a student dance, but they meet outside where Esther is looking for a lighter for her cigarette She walks up to Nasir, who is reading a book on computer technology. He can’t help her with the light, but she chats with him anyway. She finds his genuine enthusiasm for the subject he is reading lovable, although she doesn’t understand the details herself

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Later, the episode briefly returns to its story. In keeping with the overall theme of the episode of family and new life, it shows Nasir and Esther giving birth to their young son. While still in the hospital, Nasir begins the complicated world of computers and his newborn Explaining technology

Towards the end of the episode, the story returns to the couple, and their inclusion suddenly makes sense.This final scene shows a moment when Nasir is returning home late from the office, Esther is mad at him for having dinner with him missed his son, which is a common occurrence according to the scene. She asks him to explain the importance of his work to her. She wants to understand why he is so engrossed in what he does and why it is so important that he spend time with his family would sacrifice for it

He explains to her that the military has built a computer network and that he wants to use it to improve the way people connect with each other. To illustrate his idea, he says if he can get the technology working Esther immediately sent a photo of her son to her mother in Argentina instead of waiting three or more weeks for her mother to receive the photo through traditional postal services, adding that this could result in people not just photos but videos as well share His explanation of his invention is linked to the Pearson family by using video chat to connect at important moments

The Ahmeds story is linked to the main plot as the Pearsons have relied heavily on video chat during the pandemic.This episode in particular underscores the confidence that Rebecca feels guilty about being away from her children while they are significant moments going through video chatting allows Kevin and Kate to introduce their new babies to their extended family and give Randall the opportunity to support Madison even though he is thousands of miles away from her

The episode ends with a more detailed explanation of Nasir and Esther, who recently turned 56 Wedding Anniversary Celebrations It is also revealed that the couple shared their story with the team at This Is Us via video chat. Their inclusion in the episode is an interesting and unique way for the show to thank Nasir for his work

Created by Dan Fogelman, This Is Us stars like Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz and Sterling K Brown, Chris Sullivan, and Susan Kelechi Watson new episodes airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET / PT on NBC

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