All non-essential retail, contact, fitness and leisure centers, as well as the hospitality industry, will be closed at the end of trading today

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The restrictions on alert level 4, which were introduced after Christmas, will now be implemented on Sunday (20 December) introduced at 12:01 a.m.

After the First Minister met with First Ministers of Scotland and Northern Ireland and Michael Gove of the UK Government to discuss information on a new strain of coronavirus

With the national lockdown being brought forward, changes have been made to the rules for the number of households that can meet over Christmas

From 23 until 28 December, the restrictions should be relaxed so that two households – as well as a one-person household – can meet indoors

The decision was made against the background of the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus, which, according to the First Minister, is “much more contagious and spreading faster than the original one””

Prime Minister Boris Johnson today announced stricter restrictions in London and the South East of England

These restrictions include closing all non-essential retail stores, close contact services, gyms and recreational centers, and hospitality

The new measures in Wales will bring the country into line with these restrictions at the end of today’s trade

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