– Episode 9 (of 9),’ The series finale ‘
– Written by Jac Schaeffer
– Directed by Matt Shakman

Agatha holds Tommy and Billy tight with her magic string. They tell her to let her go. Wanda reminds Agatha that her powers work in the open air, away from the runes. “I’m counting on it,” Agatha replies

Agatha pulls the boys to the ground, so Wanda hits them with a burst of energy Wanda tells the boys to go to their room when Agatha gets up Wanda blows them up again, but this time Agatha holds Wanda’s red magical energy in her hand: ” I take power from the undeserved. That’s my business “Wanda’s hand is strangely blackened

Agatha suggests that Wanda pass her magic on to someone “who knows what to do with it And I’ll let you keep this pathetic corner of the world to yourself”

Hayward’s new white vision lands behind Wanda – confused, she asks if it is really him. He touches her face tenderly, but it soon becomes more sinister as he lifts her head. “And I was told that you are powerful “He says as she screams in agony

Wanda’s vision rushes in, pulling White Vision across the ground at high speed before being thrown into a motor home that explodes

Vision asks where the boys are Wanda says they are safe in the house and that she should have explained everything to him when she realized what she had done She says she can fix the world she made ” Can you?” he asks

Agatha materializes over the house “That’s cumbersome,” she says happily, “Your ex and boyfriend together at the same party Who will you choose, Wanda? “Wanda’s vision flies high to take over White Vision while Wanda takes off to fight Agatha

In a bedroom upstairs in Agnes’ house, Monica Rambeau watches and calls Wanda’s name. “Don’t waste your breath, baby,” says Pietro. “Nobody can hear you in here” She tries to escape but is not Pietro’s super speed grown

High above Westview, Vision asks his counterpart if they can possibly solve this peacefully “Wanda Maximoff must be neutralized”, White Vision replies “You must be destroyed”

Vision takes this as no, and since White Vision tends to remove the Mind Stone from his forehead, he steps out of the way before piling his opponent on a road. They continue their fight in the sky while Hayward goes off watching outside of the hex field

Agent Jimmy Woo is taken to Hayward’s custody. He tells Hayward that he can never cover this up. “I don’t have to,” counters Hayward. “Wanda canceled her show, so there is no footage to prove it ever will When there was a vision, Woo argues that there must be a SWORD HQ security tape and evidence of tampering, but Hayward says nobody will care if Wanda is eliminated – and they will believe the vision emerging from the rubble the one she illegally tried to bring back to life. He believes they will thank him for recovering such a valuable asset – and Jimmy could be part of “If you had just a little more … vision”

Woo sarcastically tells Hayward that he is convinced of his plan, but there is one little problem – his FBI friends from Quantico will be there within an hour. Hayward thinks he is bluffing, “Am I?” asks Jimmy

Thrown in a barn, Jimmy releases his handcuffs and says, “Flourish.” He calls an FBI colleague, Cliff, and asks if he can get there within an hour

Wanda lands in downtown Westview and sees many familiar faces. “Don’t shoot, I’m just a messenger,” says the courier

Agatha appears on the roof of the Westview Appliance. She tells Wanda that she has never faced another witch before and that an entire chapter is dedicated to her in the Darkhold – the “Book of the Damned”

Agatha explains, “The Scarlet Witch is not born, she is forged. She has no circle, no need to be conjured.” Wanda says she is not a witch, she does not work spells and no one has taught her magic, but Agatha tells her that their power surpasses that of the Supreme Wizard “It is your destiny to destroy the world”

Agatha conjures up Latin and Dottie goes to Wanda. She says her name is Sarah and has an eight-year-old daughter – maybe she could be friends with Wanda’s boy: “If you like this story, she argues that Wanda, if she gets her daughter out of hers Zimmer could let her at least hold on

Wanda thinks Agatha is making Dottie say this, but Agatha says she is Wanda’s “meat doll” I just cut her strings ”

Agatha casts another spell, freeing the rest of the residents of Westview, who move to surround Wanda

Back at Agnes’ house, Fake Pietro is making a smoothie. He says this is his man’s cave, “a place to chill out while the woman causes trouble.” Monica looks at a bank statement addressed to Ralph Bohner, 2804 Sherwood Drive, Westview Pietro asks if she likes Steven Seagal films when Monica finds a photo of him – with the inscription Ralph Bohner “Agnes doesn’t live here, you do”, she says “You are Ralph Bohner”

Monica asks how she controls him. He forms a box and asks if she wants to fight again, but she throws him to the ground. Monica discovers that Pietro’s necklace is glowing purple before Agatha’s magic, so she pulls it off his Hals “Oh God, please spare my life,” he says. “Nice to meet you, Ralph,” she replies

Billy and Tommy watch the visions fight outside their bedroom window. Billy sees a vision of their mother in the town square and tells Tommy they have to go

The townspeople tell Wanda about their pain that they no longer recognize themselves – that they used to resist but cannot remember why they are exhausted and when they sleep they have Wanda’s nightmares Wanda tried to reassure them that they are fine, that they are protecting and that they feel at peace. They say that their grief poisons them

Wanda screams and unleashes a magical burst of energy that strangles the residents of Westview. When Wanda realizes what she’s done, she apologizes and releases them She promises to let her go

Wanda sends a massive beam of energy into the hex field, and the city begins to glitter for periods of time, telling the city dwellers to run away

Hayward sees a void in the field and decides this is the opportunity to get in

High in the sky, the vision fight is interrupted when Wanda’s vision begins to deteriorate and falls to the ground. Sword forces enter the city

Wanda sees her vision fall apart in front of her eyes as the twins run into the town square – and also dissolve

“Now do you see?” taunted Agatha “You tied your family to this twisted world and now one cannot exist without the other Save Westview or save your family Wanda takes a break and the hex field closes again The run together and hug Agatha attacks, so Wanda protects them all with a magic bubble Agatha absorbs the energy and leaves both Wanda’s hands free of color

“How cute,” says Agatha. The family is surrounded on all sides – Agatha on one side, White Vision on the other, and SWORD on the third. They take an Avengers stance. “Listen, guys,” says Vision “Your mom and I never really prepared you for this”

Vision flies off to take on his evil doppelganger. You end up in the library, where Vision asks White Vision why he is doing this. He says his programming guideline is to destroy the vision. Vision grabs White Vision by the neck and says him: “I am not the true vision, just a conditional vision”

Back on the town square, Agatha lifts the SWORD soldiers into the air. “Same story, different century,” she says. “For women like us there will always be torches and pitchforks, WandaShe lets the soldiers fall to the ground, but Wanda catches She before impact. She turns to Billy and Tommy and tells them to take care of the military. “Mommy will be back in a moment”

Wanda flies off to face Agatha and disappears. Tommy and Billy use their super skills to take SWORD’s guns Hayward has another gun Monica spots him and tells him to back off. She moves in front of the gun as he shoots Boys and their bodies seem to be absorbing the bullets and pulsing with yellow energy Billy uses his telekinetic powers to stop the bullet passing by Hayward is out of bullets “Nice tricks”, she says to Billy. “I like yours too “he replies

Hayward tries to drive away but is stopped by a pretzel cart “Have fun in jail!” says Darcy

White Vision asks if the other person is familiar with the thought experiment about the Theseus’ ship. The idea is that it is an artifact in a museum. “Over time, the wooden boards rot and are replaced by new boards. If none If the original plank is still there, is it still Theseus’ ship? “

“Second,” adds Wanda’s vision, “if those removed boards are restored and put back together rot-free, is that Theseus’ ship?”

White Vision says neither is the real ship and both are the real ship. They agree, but White Vision doesn’t have the Mind Stone – and Original Vision doesn’t have “an ounce of original material.” He says, “Maybe they are the putrefaction the memories the wear and tear are the journeys the wood touched by Theseus himself “White says he didn’t keep any memories -” but you have the dates, “says his counterpart.” It’s just kept away from you “

White Vision recognizes that it makes him a weapon that is easier to control and recognizes that Vision is the true vision because he believes it is “But when I met you I was turned off by rejected that idea, “countered Wanda’s vision, pointing out that White Vision’s memory as a carbon-based synthetoid cannot be easily erased and touched his head, bringing lifelong memories of the MCU

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Real Vision returns to the square and hugs his sons Wanda sneaks up behind Agatha and uses her magic to transport them back to the stake burn in Salem centuries ago Wanda says the difference between her and Agatha is that she did this on purpose has

The dead witches come back to life “No! No! No!” cries Agatha – and suddenly stops

The witches start chanting Wanda’s name, telling her she is a witch – the Scarlet Witch “This is how it is written, so it is foretold Harbinger of Chaos”

Agatha tells Wanda that she cannot win “Power is not your problem,” says Agatha, “it is knowledge” A scarlet crown appears on Wanda’s head

“Give me your strength and I will correct the mistakes in your original spell,” says Agatha. “And you, your family and the people of Westview can all live together in peace and no one will ever have to feel this pain again. Not even you ”

Wanda blasts them back into the present and they rise into the sky “Take it”, says Wanda and bombards Agatha with magic “I don’t want it Vision flies to your aid, but Wanda surrounds him in a force field Agatha cackles and encourages Wanda To Accept Their Fate Woo and his FBI colleagues watch the disorder unfold

“There is more, I want everything!” says Agatha, as Wanda gives her last ounce of magic she floats with no energy

“About our deal,” says Agatha “Once cast, a spell can never be changed. This world that you created will always be broken Just like you”

When Agatha tries to deliver the fatal blow, she abandons her magic Wanda restores herself Magical runes appear in the walls of the hex field “In a certain room, only the witch who casts her can use her magic” says Wanda “Thanks for the lesson. But you don’t have to tell me who I am”

Wanda goes full of the Scarlet Witch, absorbs her energy back from Agatha and takes the form that Wanda saw in the Mind Stone

They return to the town square “So what now? Are you going to lock me up somewhere?” asks Agatha Not anywhere, says Wanda – here in Westview “I’ll give you the role you chose The Nosy Neighbor”

As Agatha tells her, she has no idea what she unleashed that Wanda will need her, but Wanda says she will know where to find her when she does Wanda turns her back on her Sitcom form: “Hiya, honey,” she says happily

The family is reunited “So it seems that our dream house has been reduced to a fixer-upper”, says Vision. “I know that you will do everything right. Just not for us” No, not for us “, that’s true them to

They walk away and Wanda and Monica recognize each other
The hex field gets smaller and Westview goes back to normal. The family returns home, Wanda and Vision return to their sitcom forms. They put the kids in bed and tell the boys that they are very proud of them both, “One family.” is forever, “says Wanda.” We could never really leave each other even if we tried “

As they leave the room, Wanda adds, “Guys, thank you for choosing me to be your mom”

Wanda looks at the family photo and turns off the living room light Vision turns it back on and claims he read somewhere that it’s bad luck to say goodbye in the dark Wanda says he didn’t. that he made it up but says he really wanted to see her right. You look out the window and watch the hex wall advance. Before he leaves, Vision says he needs to know what he really is Thought stone that lives in me “, she replies” You are a body of wires, blood and bones that I created You are my sadness and my hope But mostly you are my love “

“I was a voice without a body, a body but not human, and now … a memory that becomes reality,” he says. “Who knows what I might be next. We said goodbye before,” he says so it stands to reason “She finishes his sentence:” we’ll say hello again ”

Wanda is in the foundations of the house in Westview wearing the same clothes she was wearing when she arrived She pulls up her hood and walks into town She arrives in the town square with all the townspeople glaring at her She walks towards Monica who says they will never know what she sacrificed for them “It wouldn’t change the way they see me,” says Wanda, “And you don’t hate me?”

“Given the chance and your power, I would bring my mother back, I know I would””
Wanda says she is sorry for all the pain she caused – Monica says she knows Wanda says she doesn’t understand her power – but she will

As the sirens approach, Wanda transforms into a scarlet witch shape and flies away. Monica wishes her the best of luck

Monica watches as Woo manages the crime scene “Authority suits you, Jimmy,” she says. He asks where Darcy is. Monica says Darcy thinks “debriefings are for the weak,” but that they thank her can that she arrested Hayward, who was taken into custody by the FBI

A previously unseen agent tells Captain Rambeau that they are waiting for her in the theater. Once inside, the agent says she was “sent by your mother’s old friend” – and transforms into a Skrull form, “He heard that you have been grounded. He would like to meet you ”

A remote, beautiful wilderness Wanda is sitting on the porch of a log cabin. When she goes in to check on the cauldron, the Scarlet Witch is locked inside, uses the Darkhold and casts seemingly spells. Billy and Tommy call for help as the The witch’s eyes glow red

How often do you watch a big Hollywood blockbuster and feel like it is capturing the action sequences and yet falling emotionally flat? WandaVision’s aptly titled “The Series Finale” is the opposite. While it’s a mix of convoluted plots, predictable battle scenes, and hasty character arcs, it never loses sight of the essence of human history. Okay, correct that – the story of the synthetoid / almighty magical being at the core

Wanda, Vision, and the children who come together to fight numerous enemy forces are pure incredibles, a close-knit family who take care of each other – what a shame they don’t use their powers as resourcefully as Brad Birds Superteam meanwhile, the decision to say goodbye to Billy and Tommy by putting them to bed before they are consumed by nothingness is a masterpiece that allows Wanda and Vision to say goodbye to a reasonable response that nobody could WandaVision accuse of developing a false happy ending

But – with the possible exception of vision and vision’s metaphysical debates about its existence – everything else feels rushed and insubstantial. Even with (most of) the exposure covered last week, there are far too many storylines vying for attention – some really important characters remain briefly changed as a result: Darcy Lewis is reduced to the shortest comedic one-liner in a cameo that means nothing more than knocking out Hayward; Monica Rambeau, newly established as a superhero, hardly has time to show what her powers are capable of; and Hayward himself just turned into the two-dimensional villain (remember, this is a man trying to shoot a couple of kids So it feels like an anti-climax just being arrested by the Fed)

While Kathryn Hahn has the time of her life as a power-hungry Agatha, even her motives seem a little too numerical. In fact, after this great episode 7, we were hoping for something smarter than: “I want your powers, Wanda! ” (Being sentenced to life imprisonment in sitcom purgatory also makes little sense for the narrative – how would that even work?)

It is perhaps ironic that a show that pushes the boundaries of what a superhero story can do should be pulled down by genre stereotypes – and those of the MCU – it’s now an important part of the Marvel formula that it’s in later ones There are some loose ends to adventures that need to be picked up.But WandaVision’s finale skirts come dangerously close to the Iron Man 2 / Avengers: Age of Ultron type, where setting up future installments is as important as telling a satisfying story

And in retrospect, the writers feel like they went overboard with Easter eggs that never came to fruition, that Rambeau’s “engineer” wasn’t anyone we’d ever met before, or that Evan Peters’ Pietro had no connection about the X-Men movies – he was just a Westview resident who happened to look familiar – feels like a cruel joke

Even so, there’s no shame in putting on a brilliant show with a slightly disappointing final chapter, it turns out that Marvel Studios are just as good on TV as they are in the movies

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