Ronnie O’Sullivan has a fight in his hands in the final of the Welsh Open when he is 5-3 ahead of Jordan Brown in the second session on Sunday evening

The world champion had been in great shape on the way to the finals, but his timing looked awkward for long periods on Sunday afternoon

Brown took advantage to open up a three frame lead and although O’Sullivan fought hard with two consecutive tons, the underdog took advantage of the last frame of the session to put a two frame lead in the evening session at the Celtic Manor Resort

The first frame was a tale of mistakes and misfortunes. Most of the mistakes were attributed to Brown’s cue, while a lot of misfortune befell O’Sullivan, who took a good kick when he was well adjusted and started twice In Brown’s favor, he took the last chance to secure the opening frame

Brown had a terrific chance in the second but missed a medium-length red in the lower right pocket and gave O’Sullivan the table with his break on Jan. there was a collector’s item this week when the world champion missed a routine pink in the center left

The mistake was completely unexpected as it made it to the finals after losing just two frames all week, and it cost him the frame when Brown knocked on a break of 58

After the shock of failure in the second frame, O’Sullivan knocked in an excellent long red to get in at the beginning of the third. But a surprising mistake with the break with 60 stunned Eurosport analyst Neal Foulds

“It’s a term used in snooker, say, when someone slaughters a shot. It’s rarely used in O’Sullivan’s, but he slaughtered it”

Fortunately for the missile, the red came out of the jaws of the lower left pocket and fell into the center

O’Sullivan confirmed his net worth by raising his hand to Brown, and he took advantage of his lucky streak with a break of 74

Brown wasn’t impressed that O’Sullivan got a frame on the board when he took the fourth to secure a two frame head start in the first break of the game – and he returned after the break, to knock the tournament – a 107 – into his fourth century to move 4-1 ahead

After three frames, O’Sullivan needed a response and in a style he got off to an easy start when Brown left a red above the lower right pocket, but from that point on he oozed through the class with a single visit of 135

O’Sullivan talked about tinkering with his technique this week and that it was a job in progress by the second half of the session it seemed to shift into gear when he was in a second consecutive bin, a 121, knocked to retire within Brown’s framework

The final frame was the longest and scratchiest in the game. It went Brown’s way after enduring a lengthy safety swap to get himself a two-frame head start before the evening event

Ronnie O’Sullivan

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