To all boys: Always and forever, Lara Jean’s epic love story has finally come to an end. The rom-com was long awaited, and the news that she secretly filmed one after the other with To All the Boys: PS I love you still, just seemed to whet the appetite more

Well, don’t wait any longer. The final chapter of the To All the Boys series came out on Dec. February just in time for Valentine’s Day on Netflix

But for those of you who aren’t sure how the other films fit, or who want to know before diving into Lara Jean (hey, some people read the end of the book first – it’s not a crime), buckle up im! Warning: Spoilers for To All the Boys: Follow forever and ever

Luckily, you didn’t have to see To All the Boys: PS to understand what’s going on in the third movie.But to recap, there was a potential love triangle between Lara-Jean and the long-lost crush, John Ambrose

But LJ PK won in the end and John Ambrose disappeared into the shadows Other relevant parts of To All the Boys: PS I still love you were the reconciliation of Gen and Lara Jean as well as Dr Dan Covey’s romance with her neighbor Trina

If we start with all the boys: Always and Forever, the Song-Covey family is in Seoul, Korea so the girls can connect with their heritage and see the city. They also make their way to Seoul Tower, where the Include lovers for their lover

You are there to find the locket Eva put there for Dan, which of course they do. The lock says “For the rest of my life”, which Lara Jean says (in a strange moment with no humor) : “Well, she got her wish” before setting up her own castle there for herself and Peter (which means ‘for the rest of our lives’)

But the reality is that Peter and Lara Jean’s future depends heavily on whether or not they were accepted into the same college as Peter: Stanford family returns home and soon Lara Jean receives news that she has been rejected

After a short and classic rom-com trope miscommunication, she tells Peter about the rejection. Fortunately, she got to Berkeley, which is only an hour and a half away by car

His plan is for her to spend a year in Berkeley before moving to Stanford where they can be together, but the plan is also thrown out of hand with her class trip to New York City. Lara Jean falls in love with Manhattan and Gen – already inducted into NYU – invites her and Chris to a college party

Don’t worry, it’s all innocent.But at the end of the trip, Lara Jean worries about Berkeley and when she finds out she was accepted into NYU (which she applied to on a whim), knows them that it is the school for them

But Peter, wavering from the sudden reappearance of his absent father, has the feeling that Lara Jean is leaving him too by choosing to 3To be 000 miles away instead of being with you, you’re okay with it working, but things come to a head at the prom when Lara Jean tries to start sex with Peter

Don’t worry, it’s all very cute and consensual. Peter stops her before they can even undress and asks her why she wants to do it now

Lara Jean says she feels aloof and she just wants to feel close to him and Peter responds by breaking up with her for the above reason of her decision to be far from him. A Lara Jean with a broken Heart is comforted by Chris, who reminds her that she made the right choice (duh)

Soon after that, Trina and Dan’s wedding, which Peter does not want to attend, as he and Lara Jean split up.Luckily, Lara Jean pulls herself together and seems to be spending her time at the wedding, surrounded by her family and friends, really enjoy

Meanwhile, Peter meets with his father and lets out some of the anger he’s bringing him Peter’s father apologizes for his absence and promises to do better – because that’s what you do for people you love, try it (Aw)

Just when we think Lara Jean won’t get everything – that happy to the end and dream college – little sister Kitty instructs her to return to the party tent, and when she does she finds her yearbook, in to whom Peter wrote his own love letter

He apologizes for reacting this way and says if someone can do it, he can Because they love each other and have to try

To all boys: Always and Forever closes with Lara Jean, who is moving into her dormitory at NYU Peter drives towards Stanford. Her narration ends the film and says that she knows that most people think they will break up in the end, but: “We’re not like these other couples, we’re Lara Jean and Peter

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