Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons has been criticized after praising infamous right-wing agitator Andy Ngo

Ngo, an American journalist and social media personality, has gained notoriety in right-wing circles for his coverage of left-wing groups, but has been criticized for calling left-wing activists violent without saying the same from the right Wing protesters

The journalist, who has previously joined the far-right Proud Boys group, has published a new book called Unmasked, which promises to involve the reader in “ANTIFA’s radical plan to destroy democracy”

In the book, Ngo calls the Proud Boys a “pro-Trump brotherhood” while calling left-wing activists a “marauding gang” whose mission is to “destroy the nation-state, especially America”

In a new tweet, Marshall congratulated Ngo on the book’s publication, writing: “Finally time to read your important book, you are a brave man”

In response to the confirmation, Marshall was criticized on social media. One fan wrote, “I may be naive, but” Banjo Player From Mumford & Sons Comes Out As Nazi “wasn’t a headline I anticipated “

Another wrote, “This is so damn disappointing and really reinforces all the bad stereotypes about what it means to” hear the sound of banjos “support for fascism doesn’t look good,” while some fans read the lyrics from Mumford used & Sons to share their dislike of Marshall’s views

I may be naive, but “Banjo Player from Mumford & Sons Comes Out As Nazi” wasn’t a headline I anticipated

This is so damn disappointing and really reinforces all the bad stereotypes about what it means to hear “the sound of banjos” “Supporting fascism doesn’t look good

In 2018, Mumford responded to & Sons after being criticized for a photo posing with controversial right-wing academic Jordan Peterson

The photo caused a stir online when Peterson’s often-criticized views on feminism and gender identity emerged. He has previously claimed Islamophobia was “a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate idiots,” which white privilege is a “Marxist lie” and “the idea that women have been oppressed throughout history is a horrific theory”

“Mainly, I was very fond of Dr Peterson’s work on psychology read both books and found them very, very interesting He met him through a mutual acquaintance and invited him to the studio while he was on tour in London, which was very interesting and one of the many interesting visits [from different characters] we had in the studio, ”Marshall said afterwards the band to meet with Peterson

Marshall also responded to Power when asked if the band risks alienating fans who identify as feminists or LGBTQ

“I don’t think taking a photo with someone means that you’re okay with everything they say,” he said

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