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The actress who played Zuzu in the iconic Christmas film “It’s a Wonderful Life” has spoken about its importance this Christmas season amid the coronavirus pandemic

Karolyn Grimes, 80, was a six-year-old child star when she uttered her famous line, “Every Time A Bell Rings, An Angel Gets Its Wings” while staring at Jimmy Stewart’s character, George Bailey

When she was fifteen, she had lost both parents her first husband in a hunting accident; her second husband from cancer; and a child to suicide, Grimes said the rediscovery of the film she later starred in was “a gift”

Calling herself one of the “happiest women in the world” because she “could share the message of this film”, Grimes described her meetings with people who were touched by its story, some of whom had thought about suicide themselves


Karolyn Grimes, 80, was a six-year-old child star when she appeared in the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” She is pictured above in 2010

The 1946 Christmas classic is based on ‘The Greatest Gift’ by Philip Van Doren Stern and tells the story of George Bailey, who keeps putting his own dreams aside in order to give back to his community

But when a financial crisis marginalizes him, an angel named Clarence has to step in to show him how the lives of those he loved would have changed for the worse had it not been for the kind gestures they made he lived his life

“George Bailey only gave and gave and given of himself,” Grimes told the Beaver County Times

“He gave up all of his dreams so he could help other people and I think this year we kind of lost sight of all of that,” she added in 2020,

‘And I think maybe this will revive those feelings when we see it, and maybe we can look inside ourselves and give and help to our fellow human beings I think that’s what the movie is really about’

Grimes gave up acting when her parents died, and she moved to Missouri after appearing in a dozen films and TV shows

After raising seven children, she said that ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ entered her life again when she needed it most

Grimes revealed that despite her memorable role in the movie where she played George Bailey’s daughter Zuzu, she didn’t see her again until she was 40 when she realized she wanted to get on with her message

Since then, she has devoted much of her life to preserving the film’s memory – traveling the country speaking to fans, collecting stories from those who knew Stewart, and serving as an advisor to the museum that ran the film in Seneca Falls, New York, which opened in 2010

“It was a gift,” Grimes said. There are no two options. Because I didn’t see it until I was 40, and when I saw the movie I realized what a great opportunity it was for me, the messages to share this movie

“So I started a family for 10 years and did a few gigs here and there and did a lot of research on the making of the film and the like,” she added

‘But in 1993 the Target company brought the Bailey kids together as a reunion and we toured all of the United States

‘They came in droves, they stood in a row to share their moments about how the movie affected their lives, what happened in their lives, how they experienced suicide, how they were on the bridge and this movie had helped them deal with all of these things

‘And it struck me that I was probably one of the happiest women in the world to be that little girl, Zuzu, because I had a present and have been traveling ever since Talk to and listen to people and tell (stories from) their lives about how this film influenced them

She described how George Bailey’s story, played by Jimmy Stewart, had helped so many people who had suicide or the same struggles as his character

‘And I couldn’t be happier for that. I just feel blessed, “she continued

‘I’ve been blessed, that’s all I can say because it is a great joy to be part of this movie and to be out and about and meet people and take them into my life as I do did ‘

While she only appeared in a few scenes in the film alongside Stewart, Grimes praised him as a star very similar to the type of Bailey character he played

Grimes, pictured here in 1946, said she didn’t see the film again until she was 40

“He (Stewart) was just a caring man, and it comes through as George Bailey,” she told the Beaver County Times

‘He comes in the same way through His own personality is in George Bailey He cares for his fellow human beings, He helps him in every way possible, and Jimmy Stewart had the ability to help people in many ways, and he did really He just did it ‘

Grimes also described him as “such a great person to work with” as he “had a way to make you feel important and feel like the star of this scene”

The former child star added that her hope for Americans this Christmas is to return to film and use it to bring their families together

“I hope (viewers) get away from the film that there is some normality in life right now because” It’s a wonderful life “and Christmas is a tradition in so many homes across America,” she said / p>

‘And maybe families can’t get together, but maybe they can watch the movie and communicate by phone at the same time The movie brings families together It’s a tradition and it’s something people do regularly every year and they feel lost when they don’t get the time to do it

‘So, I hope that this year people (will) take the time to watch the film and enjoy the messages of hope the film gives you. We’re in a world of potters and a world of crazy right now, and i think that will put our feet on the ground to see this movie ‘

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